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Aug 22, 2012 01:16 PM

Tell Me How to Throw a Fabulous Party!!!

We won't be able to invite as many people to our wedding as my fiance and I would like. To expand the celebration we want to host a party few months later, probably cocktail style.

Here's the ideal breakdown:
Guest list: 50 people (more if by some miracle I can afford it); Adults only
Place: Lower Manhattan or Brooklyn
Time: Weekend definitely, ideally Saturday evening
Drink: Open or semi open bar; unless I can find a place that will let me bring in my own cases of wine
Food: Open to suggestion, as long as it can be eaten at a standing reception.
Music: Ipod hookup and room for dancing a must
Budget: $5,000 plus tax etc...

I know this is a tall order on my budget, especially for a Saturday night in the city. It has to be a weekend because of traveling and people's work schedules. And it must be super fun and welcoming for my guests!!! Everything else is negotiable.

It will be around my 30th birthday, so will costs be more reasonable if I can market it as that? Is it simply impossible on my budget? I'm open to all kinds of venues.

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  1. Cost-wise it won't make a difference if it's a birthday or wedding party or whatever. The cost of a space is the cost of a space.

    I was at a wedding party at Littlefield in Brooklyn recently - good size space, not sure how do-able a Saturday would be, as they have concerts there (so they do have a soundsystem and dancefloor) but they'd be worth emailing - - but keep in mind that for spaces like that, Saturdays will invariably be more expensive than weeknights. If you're ok with a closed time period - i.e. you get the space from 5:00 - 8:00, then they open for normal business - or can do the party in the afternoon, you might be able to get a better deal. That would hold true for most bars that do buy-outs.

    You'd have to do food seperately and bring it in, I believe, they don't do it in-house, though they might know some local vendors.

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    1. There's a company that owns a bunch of "Bro Bars" throughout the city. They all have private rooms though, so you can be separate from the Pong games and DeerHunter machines.

      They are CHEAP. These are not about delicious food, but there is top shelf booze.

      Here's a list of them and their Party Planning arm: