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Aug 22, 2012 12:57 PM

Searching for great neighborhood dive bars in Honolulu

I've just about got my list finished up of where to visit, swim, hike eat etc. for my upcoming visit to Oahu in a few days. Then I realized, I don't have any dive bars on my itinerary. Oh the horror! I'm staying in Waikiki for a few weeks and while I'm looking forward to checking out some of the places for sunsets and Mai Tais in Waikiki, my heart belongs to a great dive bar.

I'd like to find one that is walkable. I live in a city and walk everywhere so walkable to me could mean many, many blocks. I'd like a place where there tends to be a fair amount of regulars, they don't focus on foo foo drinks and it's not all about the tourists. You know, the kind of place you meet up with your friends a couple times a week and maybe shoot some pool. Bonus points for a great jukebox.


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  1. Must it be Dive? Could it be Tiki e.g. La Mariana? If you like ugly Thai women, you might enjoy Sala Thai, not too far from Waikiki. I don't remember what was on the jukebox, but it was loud.