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Searching for great neighborhood dive bars in Honolulu

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I've just about got my list finished up of where to visit, swim, hike eat etc. for my upcoming visit to Oahu in a few days. Then I realized, I don't have any dive bars on my itinerary. Oh the horror! I'm staying in Waikiki for a few weeks and while I'm looking forward to checking out some of the places for sunsets and Mai Tais in Waikiki, my heart belongs to a great dive bar.

I'd like to find one that is walkable. I live in a city and walk everywhere so walkable to me could mean many, many blocks. I'd like a place where there tends to be a fair amount of regulars, they don't focus on foo foo drinks and it's not all about the tourists. You know, the kind of place you meet up with your friends a couple times a week and maybe shoot some pool. Bonus points for a great jukebox.


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  1. Must it be Dive? Could it be Tiki e.g. La Mariana? If you like ugly Thai women, you might enjoy Sala Thai, not too far from Waikiki. I don't remember what was on the jukebox, but it was loud.