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Aug 22, 2012 12:34 PM

Jimmys Greek American Grill - Spotswood

Very new and undergoing a menu revision (losing the high end steaks, chicken dishes, adding more staples, some american). Very small ... very cheap ...very good. Dining room looks better than expected given last tenant but don't expect more than nicer dark wooden tables and matching chairs. Had gyro ($5.50) which was hot, fresh and loaded. Moussaka ($9) was quite tasty,

Not an extensive sampling i realize but if you need to scratch the itch for Greek food without killing your wallet, this seems the place for now. Hopefully they stay in the mode of 'fresh is good' before the financials start dictating to cut corners.

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  1. I looked up their address, and realize which strip they are in. Don't recall ever seeing them before. Will try to stop by for a gyro.

    Only place I've been to in there is Piazza pizza. Are they still there?

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      Ah, once you said Piazza pizza, I realized which strip mall Jimmy's is in. Will have to give it a try one day. Thanks for the tip.

    2. IS this the same greese truck Jimmy that bought the Stewarts in Spotswood and what strip mall are you refering to ?

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        NO WAY related to Stewarts's, which isn't even as good as the grease trucks for real junky food! Jimmy's seems to be pretty authentic greek... just waiting for them to add grilled octopus (I've called and asked for it a couple times using a different voice so they might get to it). We've been there several times now, always good. A few specials each night. Big gyros, moussaka is A-1, falafels are not over- oily, their paninis were good- a very welcome addition to our cruddy dining scene in Spotswood. Much better than the Cambridge Inn (ugh), Ryan's down Devoe Ave., the Thai place next door to them, the Tung Hsing house, etc. Reasonably priced, worth your support. I've been in there a couple times by myself- actually, it's very comfortable, pretty nice, and the lady that owns the place is a card. Menu is at

      2. Almost went in Friday after work. I got up to the door and looked in and for some reason it didn't seem like a place where I'd feel comfortable eating by myself. I also noticed that Piazza is no longer there and that unit is vacant. I went to the pizza place in the Shop Rite plaza for a hot sub and a couple slices.

        1. We made it here this weekend. I was very happy as well as my husband! First, the place is super clean!! We both had the gyro platter. I had a greek salad with mine, and it was so much food, I took half home. Great price of $ 8.75. I like that when you sit, they give you fresh hot pita with tzatziki sauce. Delish!

          The specials looked nice, one was a shrimp florentine platter for $ 13.25, the table next to us had it, and there were a lot of shrimp on the plate. The other special was mousakka, pastitio and a greek salad..$ 13.25. You can't beat these prices!

          I would definately go back!! Fresh, clean, and so close to home, who knew?!!

          I have to add...the owners were super sweet!

          1. Tried them for lunch. Call me old fashioned, but I don't like to see ink on employees and my female server had short sleeves and tattooed forearms. That's my first and lasting impression. But my stuffed burger was really good.