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Aug 22, 2012 12:33 PM

All-Clad Stockpots with Perforated Insert?

For a while I've been looking into getting one of those tall All-Clad stockpots that have perforated inserts for easily draining pasta, shellfish, stocks, etc. However I've read mixed reviews on some of them so wanted to get some insight. I have seen 3 different sizes -- 7, 8 and 12 qt. It looks like the 8 qt at Williams Sonoma was recently "redesigned" to make the perforated insert easier to clean. But it seems like they were all made in China, not America, which likely accounts for their lower prices. Anyone know the difference among those available and/or have any input into which ones (if any) might be worth getting? Thanks in advance!

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  1. From what I remember the problem was mainly with the mesh lined inserts they had for a few years. The regular perforated inserts like in the pasta pentola don't have the same issue. Having said that, I bought the 12 quart Cuisinart stainless multi-pot. It's a fraction of the cost of the All-Clad, it works great. I spent the savings buying other pans. Four hundred and fifty five dollars for a pot that I basically only use to boil water for pasta and cook homemade stock in just wasn't going to happen.

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      This is why I'm confused. There's the $455 one, but also this one which is only $150.

      It looks almost identical. Doesn't appear to be mesh, and one reviewer said the new design is easier to clean. Why is it so much less than the $455 one?

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        The expensive pots are the tri-ply ones made in the US. The one linked here is a stainless pot with an aluminum disk botton, and is made in China.

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          Hi, aielleeve:

          IMO, the $150 and $455 models are about $130 and $435 overpriced.

          I think it is wiser for most of your anticipated uses and sizes to simply find an inexpensive pentola that you can fit into what you already have. I have two perforated stainless pentolas (pentolae?), both sourced from garage sales, that cost me $2 each. If you must have new, consider what your local resto supply store(s) carry.


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            You're probably right. I'm being totally irrational and wanting All-Clad for the sake of working towards a matching set (I just got married, so got a few pieces on the registry I would have otherwise not necessarily considered).

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              The 7-qt All-Clad LTD2 pasta pentola seems to be on clearance lately. Still pretty expensive, though.

      2. I have the prior version of the 8qt stockpot/insert and I do not like it, at all. When cooking with the insert in, it reduces the cooking area/volume enough that I can't cook a pound of pasta, it doesn't have enough room to move around in the water. Also, taking it out of the stock pot creates a watery mess on the stove.

        I would go keep for an insert.

        I do love all of my other All-Clad (made in the USA) pieces.

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        1. re: cleobeach

          I agree. I have the Pentola and I hardly ever use the insert. It is bad enough to have to wash one big huge pot, but the insert just makes double the work. I usually put mine in the dishwasher...some dishwashers will not fit both the pot and the you are talking two loads. Just use a spider.

        2. You might check on Ebay. I have bought All Clad there at good prices.

          1. When I started making stock regularly, I too was drawn to those A-C pentolas in the Williams-Sonoma catalog. But I got an 8-quart stockpot with perforated insert for a fraction of the price from [cringe] Wal-Mart online, the Tramontina tri-ply line.

            Since then, a pressure cooker has taken over for stock-making. But the stockpot and insert are still in regular use; they're perfect as a water bath canner for small-batch preserving -- makes 5 half-pints at a time. That's not something I'd ever do with a mesh insert.