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Bethesda steak & cheese

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Just got one from South Street Steaks, and must say that Philadelphia Mike's is much better. More tender and more flavorful meat, and vastly superior roll.

My two favorite steak & cheese joints are Continental in Kensington and Mike's in Hillandale. Philly Mike's is number three.

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  1. I haven't been to Continental in dozens of years, and am amazed that it is still there. I'm going to have to make a nostalgia stop in my near future....

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      I first went to Continental when I was about 11, almost 38 years ago. Now I take my 11yo son. He loves the plain pizza and the french fries. I don't care for the food so much anymore, but I love giving the place my money. (Same is true with Tastee Diner in Bethdesda)

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        In the mid 60's my older siblings turned me on to Continental. Through Junior High at KJH Kensington and high school this remained the number on go-to spot.

        My last visit was quite a number of years ago. The memories were far better than the food, but the Steak & cheese, onions, mushrooms was still pretty tasty. And the seasoned salt Fries were just the same!