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Aug 22, 2012 12:28 PM

Italian Restaurant UWS help!

Even though I live in the neighborhood I've not found a delicious moderate Italian restaurant. We are having visitors and thought I would reach out to all of you for your favorites-- basically looking for a little atmosphere with good food. Thanks for your help.

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  1. Lincoln. The restaurant now has a three course prix fixe option for $60.

    1. Italian ex-pats I know swear by Celeste. I've never been myself though.

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      1. re: guyonatlantic

        Great restaurant. No ressos. Lots of strollers on the early side. Also Gennaro's or Vai.

        1. re: SharonTF

          Celeste: cramped, loud, rushed, raw and sometimes rude service and management. Low prices, ordinary food. Sorry, expats.

          1. re: bob96

            I went once and had the same reaction as you.

      2. Cotta (Columbus & 85th). We've also enjoyed Gennaro but we've usually been at the bar and it's been a while.

        1. There are a couple things I've enjoyed at Celeste (the raw baby artichoke salad, and the pizza is actually quite good) but everything else is pretty mediocre. The owner has personality and the prices are low, but that's about all it's going for it.

          I second the recommendation for Cotta. Pisticci a little further north (125th and Broadway) is excellent and worth the quick ride up the 1.

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          1. re: jaba

            I've never tried Cotta but would second Pisticci, which is actually on Tiemann Place between Broadway and Claremont and an excellent neighborhood restaurant.

            1. re: Pan

              Pisticci, a charming and enjoyable osteria, is on LaSalle Place, one block south of Tiemann, and 2 blocks south of 125th, bet Claremont and Bwy.

              1. re: bob96

                Whoops! Thanks for the correction.

          2. I'd suggest Spiga, 200 W. 84th at Amsterdam.

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