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If you're a Chowhound and need a hotel in Tucson

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you might as well eat great food, right?

About three weeks ago we stayed at the JW Marriott at Starr Pass, and were knocked out by the food. It's not why we went -- we just wanted a few days' staycation -- but it's why we'd go back.

Breakfasts were varied, inventive and healthy.

Golf clubhouse had melt-in-your-mouth BBQ (the brisket was to die for) with a variety of housemade bbq sauces.

Drinks on the terrace tasted as good as they looked. Salsa and guac both housemade.

We didn't dine at the high-end spot (kids aboard) but the mid-range diningroom had wonderful service, a nice breadbasket, and well-executed salads and entrees.

Really, it wowed us.

And it's no farther out of town than any of the rest of the resorts here.

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  1. It's our favorite resort for food, too. You would have liked Primo, but yes, it is pricey for kids. Mr. K's BBQ has great brisket, too - and is more consistently tender.