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Aug 22, 2012 10:52 AM

Native Bermudian recipe

Having a potluck lunch at work next week and the theme is Native Bermudian food. We will be listening to a presentation on Bermuda culture during lunch. I recall having delicious amounts of peas ' n rice during my December anniversary visits.. Can anyone give me a recipe?

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  1. Hi Shaebones!

    Well, there's no such thing as native Bermudian as we all came from somewhere else!

    This recipe is closest to what the men in my family made - it's Cecile Snaith Simmons':

    Hop N John  (Peas and Rice)
    pig's tail or salt pork
    6 slices chopped bacon
    ½ lb black eyed peas
    5 cups water
    Fresh Thyme
    Portuguese sausage (chourico) sliced
    2 Bermuda onions chopped
    1 cup regular raw rice

    Soak peas and pig’s tail in water overnight.
    Drain and rinse.
    Place in pot with 5 cups water.
    Cover and boil gently 15 mins.
    Fry onion, bacon and sausage until brown.
    Add to pot with thyme.
    Cook 45 mins.
    Add rice.
    Season to taste.
    Cook 30 mins longer.
    Remove pig’s tail and serve hot.

    I don't recall a pig's tail, but pigs were slaughtered in the quarry on our property so it may have been in there - a chunk of salt pork - or pancetta in a pinch - would work. I do remember a slug or two of Worcester sauce being added. You should not have any problem finding the Portuguese sausage in your area - hopefully the pork (high) to fat (low) ratio is as good as the homemade kind is here - and it should be the raw version.

    Oh my, I could murder a bowl of peas and rice right now!

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      Thanks Athena! Good to see you on the board. :)