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Aug 22, 2012 10:22 AM

Fried Chicken in Queens

I work in Richmond Hill and am looking for "GOOD" fried chicken.... I have tried several places but I would like to hear from other Chowhounders for their opinion.

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  1. there's an old discussion about this. There weren't many options for southern style (other than KFC, kennedy, and their ilk) except Popeye's, which is without question super duper awesome delicious great yum good.

    However there's plenty of Korean fried chicken. UFC on Roosevelt ave around 40th is (was?) great. Haven't been in a few years tho, trying not to eat that stuff. Also I saw it at John Brown's Smokehouse in LIC on 44th Drive by the water. They serve fried chicken which I'd bet is southern style, but how you could get that over brisket is beyond me. The brisket was amazing. One guy was wearing a Hill Country Chicken shirt that's a good sign if theyre affiliated, I think he might have been the owner or pit boss.

    None are out by you, but that's all I know. I'm positive flushing has more Korean style options.

    1. You are in luck, one of the best fried chicken joints in New York is practically at your door step. The famous RCL Enterprises Inc (government name) AKA Rockaway Fish House. Rockaway Blvd just east of the Van Wyck, south side of the block. No seating, you line up and they dish it up from the steam table that at busy times is constantly refreshed. Every soul food dish you could think of is available, though not everything on the same day. I love the fried chicken with a side of mac and cheese and collard greens. My kids fight over the banana pudding. Go and enjoy.