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Aug 22, 2012 09:35 AM

Three great willamette wineries and a bit of cheese

I was lucky enough to pick up some contacts for the valley while in england, so was in a good position from the off.  We had three excellent tastings in the lower end of the valley in the Eola hills region, firesteed, cristom and brooks all delivered fantastic tastings that really showcased what the area can do.

Highlights were the citation Chardonnay and 2002 Pinot, the Louise vineyard Pinot at cristom, the tour of the vineyard and cellar Steve gave us while there and finally everything brooks offered us, they really were fantastic to us, showcasing a real dedication to interesting approaches to production, good acidity in their wine and the end result of silky pinot and racy Rieslings, highly highly recommended, a highlight of the entire four w eek trip if ever there was one, oh why did I say I would drive that day?

Unfortunately due to all the tasting lunch was missed, we made it to the cheese producer nearby.  For me far too any cheeses being made, cheese doesn't need any ingredients adding to it, but their raw cheddar and 80/20 cow/sheep cheese were very good, good enough to purchase some even.

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  1. Doesn't sound like you made it to Torii Mor - another terrific winery in the Willamette. I wasn't wowed by their whites, but their Pinot Noirs from the Olsen and Temperance Hills vineyards were terrific.