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Aug 22, 2012 08:44 AM

Pies on the Road to Yosemite

Picked up a warm pie at Nature's Country Corner in Manteca. Hwy 120 at Jack Tone Road. Pretty nice fruit/vegetable stand and a good pie shop. The last few times, the pies have been warm. (not the cream pies! ) Got the mixed berry pie this time....priced at $11.50 for a whole pie - 10 inches? The filling was very good, not overly sweet - allowing the berry flavor to stand out - and there was a good amount of filling. The top crust was good - a bit flaky, it's richness a good foil for the semi tart berries. The edge crust was pretty substantial ..... more than ideal but you don't have to eat it all. Enjoy the filling and it's a decent price. Mountain resorts specialize in pie but at sky high prices. ( although occasionally they're worth it )

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  1. Forgot to mention - the cream pies are a bit more ( 50 cents? / 1.00? ) and kept in a refridgerated case.

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      if you go to Yosemite via Modesto, head to Twain Harte and go to The Prospector for awesome Neapolitan style, VPN certified pizza PIE and other Italian dishes Last time i was there he made me a dessert pizza...Robert Martin cures his own meats, makes fresh pasta and has an excellent wine selection.

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        Great tip! Thanks. Hope I can my way there some day.

    2. Thanks! Will check it out...I am curious if you have had a pie from Jantz (main bakery in Atwater and a branch on the main drag in Mariposa, which is of course right on the way to Yosemite for those who take 140)...and if so, how they compare? I am convinced that Jantz has the best pie in the Central Valley, although IIRC they are more expensive than $11.50, (though bigger). If these are at that level, I have to try them soon! My favorite pies at Jantz are the peach in season, and the chocolate cream. And I don't even really like chocolate cream.

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        I visited Jantz a few years ago and enjoyed the pie but not so much the rest of our lunch. Would definitely go back for the pie/baked goods. And the place has a nice feel of place and time.

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          and thanks for mentioning that they have a branch in Mariposa - that could come in handy some day. Atwater not so convenient for us.

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            thanks for the link! yes, I am with you on having lunch there; it isn't bad, but there definitely is better and cheaper in the area..... but I do love the pies. BTW, if you stop at the Mariposa location, they also have great cookies and other baked goods, as well as coffee for the road. We stock up there for just about every Yosemite picnic....

        2. I stopped here to pick up a hostess gift pie--berry--and it was amazing. Agree on the quality of the crust. Flaky but not greasy. Filling rich with berries, not cornstarch goo, and not overly sweet.

          Great selection of local nuts and such as well.