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Aug 22, 2012 08:39 AM

Montreal - Food location question


I'm VERY excited that my husband and daughter (1.5 yrs old) are making our first trip to Montreal from our home in Brooklyn for 5 days at the end of September. I'm perusing the message boards, and see there is a lot of discussion about children and Montreal so please refer me to any historical threads that you believe might be helpful to answer my questions!

Here they go:

1. We are interested in good food! What are the best places to go?!?! We like all kinds of cuisine, and would be interested in places where we can bring our daughter - and places where we could go without her and get a sitter! We are willing to splurge a couple of times, but can also look at restaurant websites to get an idea of how much places cost to make a decision about that.

2. We are starwood point junkies (like many people, right?) and so we are deciding between the Le Meridian, the Sheraton and the W. These all seem fairly close to each other, but are any of them better from a food perspective? We would love to be in an area where there are good bakeries, etc... any of these better than the other?

Thanks for any insight!!

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  1. For your second question, Le Meridien is close to Olivier Pothier which is a really good bakery (but pricy) on the same street as that hotel. In that vicinity, you also have all of the Chinatown 2 restaurants mentionned on this board (qing hua for dumpling, kazu for japanese isakaya)

    The W (or even the Westin which is also close by) are located around old montreal, for which you have Olive & Gourmando as one of the boards favorite for baked goods and sandwiches, and close to the original chinatown, and the many restaurants in old montreal.

    1. I've never heard of a Starwood points junkie before, sounds like an interesting thing to be. In terms of food, Le Westin looks like it is very near Chinatown which can be super handy for a toddler as dim sum and Chinese restaurants in general are very child-friendly. Also, Old Montreal is very close too which is lovely and romantic. The W is not much further away and looks like a cool place, maybe a bit further from nice restaurant choices - I'd likely spend some time on tripadvisor reading up on the choices and select that way. The Sheraton is not far from Chinatown 2 in the Concordia area which has some good foodie locations and inexpensive choices that are popular on these boards, but it's not the most scenic area.

      The end of September is an ideal time to visit Jean-Talon market and check out the harvest. On the weekends there are lots of great snacks available. If you are coming by car it might be fun also to go apple picking nearby, maybe Mont St-Bruno, see A search for "kids" on these boards will pull up a lot of threads on where to go with little ones.

      1. We too are Starwood Junkies and stay at the Le Center Sheraton on Rene Levasque opposite the Bell Center.rooms are specious,spotless and modern.We love all the specials and paying with points so we're there 5 to 6 times a year.
        Saint Caths is only 2 blocks north,Marche Atwater 10 minutes away by car and some decent restaurants not too far away. Are you driving?

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          Yes driving! Thanks for replies!!

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            Major shopping at Woodbury Commons and again in Fort Ann in the Adirondacks.