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Low Carb Spread or Dip or Snack

Do you have a favorite low carb spread or dip? How about a favorite snack? Looking for some new recipes. Getting ready to jump back on the low carb wagon!

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  1. I like using hummus as a replacement to mayo as a spread on sandwiches.

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        Technically, since it is higher in fiber than other dips, you can subtract the fiber grams from the carb grams and it comes out on the low side, only 5.5 grams. It certainly isn't carb free, but much better for you with nutrients, fiber & protein than any dip based on sour cream or mayo.


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        I believe mayo is lower carb than hummus.

      3. Buffalo sauce is low carb, nothing but hot sauce and butter

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          Oh yes, buffalo wings are one of my favorite low-carb indulgences.

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            Do you have a recipe for your buffalo sauce? What kind of hot sauce do you use?

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              Frank's Red Hot sauce is generally regarded as the best, it is in all the supermarkets. Don't buy the Frank's Buffalo Sauce, it isn't nearly as good as what you can easily make at home.

              You can find recipes all over the net, it's just the hot sauce and butter, some say to add some vinegar. I like to use it in the crock pot to cook chicken, I wind up with enough buffalo chicken for three meals.

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                Yum. Thanks. Will have to make these soon!

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                I use about 2 parts Frank's to one part butter, plus a little bit of soy sauce, garlic powder and Worcestershire. I don't know if the last three ingredients are traditional, but a touch of each makes my wing sauce taste JUST like the sauce from the place I frequented in college (which was in Rochester, NY) and very much like the sauce from the Anchor Bar in Buffalo, NY, where the Buffalo wing originated.

            2. I love any sour cream based dip (most of which are low carb) with pork rinds as dippers. Other good crunchy low-carb dippers include salami or pepperoni slices fried until crisp, lower carb vegetables like bell peppers or fennel, cut into strips, endive leaves, or frico chips - parmesan cheese scattered in a non-stick skillet and fried until brown and crisp. Other cheeses work too - I like cheddar frico a lot. Cream cheese based dips are great for low carb. Guacamole is fairly low in carbs. The possibilities are really endless.

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                What are frico chips? Never heard of them. Do you make your own or buy?

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                  They are just fried or baked rounds of grated cheese.

              2. If you want low carb (but not low fat), you can go with cretons, which is essentially a meat spread. My mom/grandma made it with pork and veal. You can sub the small amount of breadcrumbs called for in most recipes with a mix of ground pork rinds (more pork!) and finely grated fresh pecorino, just reduce the salt you add.

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                  Yes, meat spreads of any kind (braunschweiger, pate, liverwurst, etc.) either are low-carb or can be easily adapted to low carb. Yum!

                2. Marcella Hazan has a very weird-sounding but amazingly tasty concoction that I use for vegie-dipping all the time: can of Italian tuna in olive oil, a fair amount of butter, and a few spoonfuls of capers, whizzed in the FP. No one ever guesses what's in it and everyone loves it. Seems like some exotic pate, and is great on asparagus spears, red pepper strips, celery.

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                      In the same vein, tapenade or bagna cauda?

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                      Sounds great. Thanks for the suggestion.

                    3. As far as bean dips go, the only really low carb one would be to use black soy beans. You can use them whole or whiz them in the processor with all kinds of things. I really like black soy bean "hummus" -and you can vary the ingredients to style it more greek, asian, latino, etc.

                      Also, adding nuts to your spreads really add uniqueness too. I recently made a killer romesco for my steak, then used the leftover romesco as a spread for low carb crackers for lunch. Nuts (like almonds or walnuts) are great to add texture to dips and spreads that call for bread crumbs or another high carb thickener/filler.

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                        Would you be willing to share your recipe? Sounds great.

                      2. How about guacamole or just avocado mashed up with lemon?

                        1. Spicy pork rinds + guacamole.


                          1. Veering away from the dips and onto snacks, peel and eat shrimp are a great snack. Just toss in foil with spicy seasoning and either grill or bake until they're pink. Eat with a lot of paper towels!

                            Spiced nuts are good to make, too. I love the Union Square recipe, but it's not short on butter.

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                                Yes, that;s the one. It's awesome. If you're doing NO carbs rather than low carbs, skip the sugar. Or perhaps use some agave or cut the sugar if you are doing LOW. It makes a lot of nuts, so a little sugar goes a long way.

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                                  This recipe calls for 2 teaspoons dark brown sugar . Do you substitute that out for xylitol?

                                  1. I have done tahinni-yoghurt dip with spices. Only a couple of carbs per serving. I usually dip celery or pork rinds or lower-carb wheat or rye crackers (I think the Atkins book mentions some types) if I am not doing induction.

                                    Instead of dip I also like Jicima with a bit of chili powder and lime. Lots of crunch and flavor without dipping.

                                    A friend turned me onto a very low carb dip. Serve cherry or grape tomatoes with a bowl of tequila and a bowl of kosher or sea salt. Dip the tomato first in the tequila, then in the salt. Wonderful and low carb.

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                                      Years ago, I remember the Frugal Gourmet mentioning his wife did this (the dip cherry tomatoes in booze, then salt) as a simple app years ago....she used vodka as her liquor of choice, prob. a riff on the Bloody Mary. Tequila sounds great too, and I imagine you could play with the second (dry) dip if you didn't want to use straight out salt, too. Nice idea!

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                                        I have used smoked salt for a different flavor. I might try some of the lime salt one gets at liquor stores.

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                                        What spices do you add to the tahini-yoghurt dip?

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                                          I used garlic and salt and lemon zest, but recipes generally use lemon juice.

                                      3. Pimento cheese is pretty low carb if prepared correctly.

                                        What about a seafood type spread.

                                        Goat cheese and peppadew spread

                                        blue cheese spread

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                                          Do you have a recipe for your pimento cheese?
                                          I like the idea of the other cheese spreads, esp the goat cheese!

                                        2. You can mix equal parts of *natural* peanut butter (no sugar added) and non-fat Greek yogurt; needs to rest a day for the peanut flavor to balance out the yogurt flavor.

                                          1. Sugar snap peas and you do not need sauce.

                                            1. Thanks for all the suggestions. Can't wait to try some of these. Does anyone make their own low carb crackers or crisps?

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                                                I make my own frico, or cheese crisps in the oven. I like to use parm. I'm not much of a baker, so no to the crackers.

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                                                  What else goes into your frico? Is there a binder (oil or butter) or ground nuts?

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                                                      Yes, what Dirtywextraolives said. It's better with a "hard" cheese though--parm, romano...I've used asiago too. You can do extra sharp cheddar but it trends to chewy rather than crisp. Not bad tho.

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                                                        Yum. What temp & for how long do you cook them?

                                                2. I really like Deconstructed Céleri Remoulade - instead of julienne-ing the celeriac and mixing it into the dressing you can cut it into slightly thicker sticks and serve the remoulade dressing as a dipping sauce - it's just mayonnaise, Dijon mustard, lemon, salt and pepper with optional chopped cornichons or capers.

                                                  1. celery stuffed with almond butter or a combo of ricotta and almond butter.

                                                    1. I love cream cheese (or neufchatel) mixed with a can of tiny shrimp (drained), green onions and lemon juice. Some people use the same base with clams instead.

                                                      Let's see... more cream cheese dips include hot (or cold) jalapeno popper dip - mix chopped fresh jalapenos to taste with cream cheese, grated cheddar and cooked sausage if you like, along with a bit of mayo, bake or microwave until bubbly. (I will cop to sprinkling green-can parm on top before baking, I like the salty crunch of it.

                                                      Cream cheese topped with homemade chili so the carbs are negligible, then cheddar, again bake until bubbly. This is insanely good with good ol' pork rinds.

                                                      Some of my crispy/crunchy go-to's are frico made from sliced pepper jack cheese (you can also make taco salad "shells"), sliced pepperoni nuked til crispy, Slim Jims (I know, it's a weird weakness) and even though it's not a snack, I love to use crushed pork rinds as the "bread crumbs" in salmon croquettes. Speaking of pork rinds, let's just get right down to it - they make great bread crumbs in meatloaf, and my dirtiest low-carb secret is that I've been known to make french toast/pancakes out of them. (Yes, I started low-carbing before Atkins bars, why do you ask? lol) Recipe on request, even if based on grim curiosity alone.

                                                      Good luck, I'm right there with you.. almost. LOL

                                                      ETA: Check out youtube for frico tutorials.