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Aug 22, 2012 08:20 AM

PYO Raspberries as close to Boston as possible

I'd like to pick a largeish quantity (several quarts) of Raspberries for jam, but don't have a car. I could zipcar, but would prefer to do it by bike, partly for the fun of it.

I have biked out to Nashoba for apples before, so I can bike as far as 495, or could ride the commuter rail out partway and bike to the farm if it's too far.

Any suggestions for a place that meets these criteria?

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  1. Around here there are two seasons for raspberries and we are just heading into the fall picking season. I've posted this before but this is a comprehensive listing for Pick Your Own Farms:
    Also, a few years ago I went to this one in Concord- organic and more pricey:
    In Winchester there is:

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      1. re: gracenote

        Thanks for the suggestions, I'll contact the places you recommend.
        Not to be a snob, but I find the whole pickyourown website (font, organization, graphics) to be headache inducing.

      2. Wright Locke Farm is on the Arlington/Winchester line Couple of ways to get there from the Alewife-Lexington bike trail, but all accesses are up a steep hill (I have used it fixed-gear training). You can go directly to the raspberry information below.

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          Thanks Itaunas, that sounds about perfect- fortunately my touring bike is geared :)
          Now I just have to get the new rack on, so I have something to carry the spoils back on.