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Aug 22, 2012 07:55 AM

Le Pain Quotidian and Panera?

Are these chains connected? The logos look very similar to me.

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  1. No connection that I'm aware of. Panera was formed through an acquisition of St. Louis Bread Co. by Au Bon Pain. Le Pain Quotidien was, and is, a European chain.

    1. Le Pain is light years better than Panera. Not related.

      1. I wonder if Panera and Boston Market are now related. I recently tried and liked the chicken salad sandwich at the Boston Market near me. The crusty multigrain bread was very nice. I thought it might be Panera's. I asked, and it is. However, there's a Panera a stone's throw away from the Boston Market so that could be just a convenient bread source for this particular location.