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Aug 22, 2012 07:22 AM

Some advice for a nice dinner with Mom

So I told my Mom I'd take her out for a nice dinner and now a bit stumped. I had originally thought to take her to Hawksworth as a splurge (and admittedly, it's a bit self serving as I want to try it) but my sister says it might be a bit lost on her. She likes "fine dining" but as she's gotten older, she tends to stick to spots like The Shaugnessy. I'm not sure if it's because the food is less "fussy" or because of the good value proposition. She's done Bishops, Fish House in Stanley Park, Quattro, and Provence before.

Any thoughts/suggestions on great food on a Sunday night that's "fine dining" and new-ish I'd like to keep it in Vancouver?


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  1. My in-laws highly recommend the 5 Sails at the Pan Pacific Hotel. They found Hawksworth too loud for their liking.

    1. What about YEW at the Four Seasons? It's got a casual, unfussy atmosphere (the servers are in gingham shirts and jeans, preserved veggies are lit up along the wall) but the food is definitely high quality. Even better - Sunday nights I believe they still do 50% off bottles of wine. YEW itself isn't new, but the chef's only been there for about a year if that so it has been revamped.

      My parents really enjoyed Fraiche - though you are going into West Van territory there. Great view. The food is fussier than YEW but the atmosphere is more subdued than Hawksworth.

      Not new, but I also really love The Pear Tree - very ambient and fine dining without being over the top.

      1. Thanks for the thoughts, I forgot she goes to the 5 Sails so I'll cross that off the list but YEW looks promising with all the seafood. Think she'll like that plus the 50% off bottles of wine is fabulous.

        1. Too bad The William Tell (RIP) is no longer.

          La Belle Auberge is old-school fine dining, set in a relaxed atmosphere.

          I had a good dinner recently at Tableau, not fussy, casual yet classy.

          Salmon House on the Hill ?

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            Sadly, La Belle Auberge is closing at the end of September.

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              Upvote for Tableau, with the caveat that if your mom is hard of hearing, the acoustics in that place are terrible, especially on busy nights.

            2. I would suggest Le Crocodile - it's adult, not challenging and still pretty darn delicious after all these years.