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Untrimmed Beef Brisket in Toronto

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Hello everyone
The old thread on this subject seems to have died a few years ago with people checking back in every year so I'd like to get a newer updated list and prices for untrimmed beef brisket.
Looking for the whole brisket (flat and point). This may be referred to as a packer brisket, double, whatever.
It should have all the fat on it and not be lean. This will be for smoking. (burnt ends mmm)

Looking for cheapest and not necessarily best 'quality' (doesn't need to be organic, hormone free, etc etc.) Grocery store, or whole sale or even smaller markets are fine. I've been to a few places (costco, no frills, etc) and I can't seem to find a place that sells the whole brisket untrimmed for a reasonable price.
Looking for in Toronto closer to North York the better.
Any help would be great

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  1. You can check out Skyland at Lawrence and Scarboro Golf Rd. www.skylandfoodmart.com
    They have a bin of packer briskets, usually AA from Excel, a Cargill division. Price is usually just over $3/lb, so each runs $22 to $38. There is a bin of about 12, over near the pickled pigs feet (yes, I enjoy this store!). My hit ratio for good Texas Q is about 70% here, as I learn how to pick a good piece.

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      I have moved away from the GTA, and now use a small town butcher for occasional briskets. The quality has been excellent, and they can deliver exactly what I want. Sometimes I can even specify breed (prefer short stocky breeds such as true Aberdeen Angus). Price was $4-$4.50/lb. and they always need a week lead time. These local abattoirs deal with a lot of grass fed beef, and I find that to be ideal for brisket and front quarter cuts. It should be possible to pre-order from the farmers markets, if the vendor has a solid small town abattoir connection.

    2. Nortown either on Eglinton west of Bathurst or Bayview and York MIlls.

      1. I bought a huge brisket (10 lbs at least) last spring at Globe Meats. It's a big wholesale-ish warehousey looking place around Finch and Weston Road. I can't remember what I paid but it was a good price and there was a LOT of meat to choose from. Seems to cater to a sausage-making crowd, with whole pork shoulders and other large cuts of meat.

        1. Thanks for all the replies
          Will give nortown, skyland, and globe (i think its' globel?) a try.

          1. Why not put in a special order with your local butcher? Usually happy to bring stuff in.

            1. I have bought the whole brisket before from Highland Farms before..

              I also think I might have got one from Fortino's before.

              Sorry, forget the price...

              1. I buy my briskets from European Quality Meats on Jutland. Comes cryovac'ed from the meat packer. Pricing varies as they don't have a SKU for this, you have to ask for them to get it in the back. They'll charge you "brisket point" pricing ($3.99/lb), and subtract either a dollar or two from that... depending what the staff feels like that day. Very inconsistent, very frustrating.

                1. -I don't have a local butcher that I frequent as I get most of my prOteins from Costco or the Asia.n grocery stores. Could you recommend a good one in the north York area that has reasonable prices?

                  -do you know which highland? I find the stock is always diff store to store :/

                  -is this the Eqm that sold their space to sanagans meat locker?

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                    I'm looking for this as well and was wondering if anywhere else to purchase this cut may have come about since the last reply.

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                      I bought several cryovac brisket over the summer from European Meat on Jutland. It sells for $3.99/lb. I've been getting around the 12-16lb packages and smoke them for 8-9hrs and come out succulent! I've asked some co-workers and a Jewish co-worker mentioned that Costco actually carries them. Not very often but can request for it. Otherwise it looks like European Meat is your best bet on the westend anyway.

                      If anyone else knows of a cheaper place, please share. I've had quite a few orders for catering for my brisket that we're considering purchasing a larger smoker.

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                        I recently bought them at The Butcher Shoppe on Shorncliffe for $3.50/lb
                        They told me this was expensive as it was the Jewish holidays. They usually have them at $2.99/lb. Was very satisfied with the meat - we smoked it too!

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                      Globe Meats has briskets every week and i know they take special orders. Have you tried making the request to have one cut with more fat on it? I spoke to the head butcher and he was very knowledgeable to help with my questions and helped me when i wanted to make my own bacon from a pork belly they sold. I smoked it and it came out to perfection. That guy is there basically everyday 7 days a week.

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                        I have bought a whole brisket from Nortown in the past. It wasn't cheap, but I had a good chat with the butcher and he brought out a few briskets still in the cryovac packaging and helped me pick a winner. It was so succulent when cooked that the point fell apart into pulled brisket, while the flat was still sliceable, barely. Decadent.

                        Most of the Nortown customers want no more than 1/4 inch of fat left on and many want the leaner flat portion, so the butchers typically trim most of the fat cap off of the briskets that are on display.

                    3. Seriously, listen to BigGreenMatt and just get your butcher to reserve you one.