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Aug 22, 2012 07:00 AM

Need help with my hot sauce!

So i have a few hot sauces i make on the regular and i am struggling with the heat levels versus the thickness. I am trying to not make it so thick.. but when i grind my seeds in my blendtech.. it just gets thicker and thicker if i add more chile's. Now its possible the chile's im using are not hot enough.. but i want to work with those flavors.

So now i am considering using capsaicin extract.. i dont know much about this stuff, nor never used it.. i saw this here

and considering picking one up.. but i dont kniow the differences from each. what i dont want is FLAVOR .. just heat to boost the flavors i have created already with heat.

How strong is one drop?

thanks so much !

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  1. I would advise against using oleoresin capsaicin extracts like that, since they carry a nasty chemical taste. If you've ever had Dave's Insanity sauce the nasty aftertaste it has is from the extracts.

    You can buy pure capsaicin crystals, usually not 100% pure but close at ~95%, which comes out to about 15 milllion scovilles. They're colorless and odorless and will not impart any nasty taste to your sauce.

    Here's one source for them:

    What kinds of peppers are you using?

    1. order some ghost chilis online. They don't really add much taste but add a ton of heat.

      1. It kinda depends.
        A million scoviller is 4 times hotter than a 250,000 scoville extract, so you might say a drop of this or a quarter drop of that other one. Once you get this high though, to me, the scoville units don't mean much.
        The last extract I had was Da Bomb Ground Zero, apparently 234,000 scovilles. A drop of this will ruin a pot of chili.
        I can understand wanting to add heat without flavor, but careful with these extracts. Too much and the heat will end up masking the flavors you hope to keep.
        Depending on your batch size, I'd suggest adding it in increments of *toothpicks*: scoop out with a flat toothpick and add (maybe a tenth of a drop) and go from there.
        I'd also suggest trying to go cheap. Why spend >$50 on a gimmicky product to find it doesn't fit well?