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Aug 22, 2012 06:51 AM

Went to Jezebel last night--Long Review

My wife and I decided to celebrate my birthday yesterday by going to Jezebel. Overall, the experience was a good one, but I think it fell just short of great. First of all, the building is very nicely located, in a great part of SoHo (in NYC) that is full of energy and character. It's in a brownstone and the first floor is a lounge/bar area while the main dining room is upstairs.

The bar/lounge area is huge--and was sparsely occupied throughout the night--so I wonder how they'll justify dedicating that much space to it but perhaps it will become a shidduch place?
The main dining room had a great vibe, with the much talked about wall art striking a nice balance among irreverent, kitschy, and cool. It really feels like the majority of hipper SoHo/West Village/TriBeCa restaurants, so they definitely achieved that goal, imo.

The clientele was, as to be expected, an eclectic mix, which to me, was part of the fun. Peyos flipped and flopped over a Yiddish conversation at one table while Farsi and baseball caps (removed) were just a few tables away. There were tourists, modox bridge and tunnelers and hip lubavitchers in expensive sheitlach from one table to the next. It was loud, but reasonably so.

As for the food, it was mostly good but as I described earlier, falling just short of great. My wife had a glass of excellent pinot grigio and I tried the very good Brazilian Bikini, which was a kind of caipirinho with cucumber, though came in far too small a portion. We started with the kale chips and the bone marrow. The kale was excellent, with a nice spice kick and just enough saltiness to whet the appetite. The bone marrow, was unfortunately, a letdown. Perhaps it was because I hadn't had it in years and had built it up so much after longingly watching diners (and journalists) wax poetically on its deliciousness at Blue Ribbon just down the street. It was either a weak batch or was overpowered by too many bread crumbs, but it just wasn't rich enough or substantial enough. The accoutrement were delicious so it wasn't a complete loss--pickled red onion, spicy arugula, etc.

For the main course, my wife had the lamb burger and I had the duck confit a l'orange. Each was really good. The lamb burger was rich, with just enough of that merguez-y spice. The french fries were perfectly prepared and the dipping sauce was really good. I didn't try the bun but it looked perfectly toasted. As for my duck, the dark meat was fantastic. It may have been the best duck I've ever had. The glaze, while sweet, was not cloying, as it had just enough of that citric acid finish. The breast meat was a bit less interesting. It was cut up too small and was lacking the richness or flavor (no glaze!) of the dark meat. The accompanying roasted fennel and vegetables were spot on in their texture and presentation.

For dessert, we shared the olive oil cake, which was basically just a pretty good pound cake. I think I would have rather waited a couple hours and had an Entenmann's at home. The lavender ice "cream" was good but the portion was small. The stone fruits were not sweet/fresh enough, imo.
As for pricing, it was high, though not shockingly so. Including everything it was 160. Maybe it's being jaded from living in NYC and area for so long but I'll just say that while high, it wasn't outside the range of a nice night out. And given how crowded it was, I think many people think the same way. Had we cut out the disappointing marrow and my cocktail (truly a special treat for me, a non-drinker), the price would have been around 130.

Finally, a comment on the service. Overall it was strong but not quite excellent. The front of the house was very well run, with surprisingly well-organized reservations via email (though I'd still highly recommend they adopt OpenTable or add a form to the site), a nice host downstairs, strong servers and no shortage of busboys to keep the tables clean and ready. Both apps and the dessert came out promptly, but unfortunately, the main course took a good amount of time. There appeared to have been a glitch of sorts in the kitchen as I saw a manager apologize to a table near me for the delay at the same time.

Report Card:
Ambiance: A
Drinks: B+
Apps: B-
Main course: A-
Dessert: B-
Service: B+

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  1. Thanks for the detailed review. From your description of the clientele, it does not sound as if they've hit their targeted consumer base of secular Jews and curious gentiles. Sounds like the same old frum market. Also, the menu items you mentioned have been offered in recent years at other establishments. Interesting.

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    1. re: cappucino

      Actually, there were multiple tables of non-head covered folks. I grouped them in with the "tourists." :-)

      1. re: DeisCane

        It didn't look at all like the "same old frum market" to me. There were kippot. But I didn't see anyone who looked like a tourist. The crowd was almost as Soho as the design.

        Granted, i've only been once; definitely planning to go back.

    2. Went to Jezebel last night and had a fantastic experience.
      The decor was terrific and upscale. All the hosts and hostestess were elegantly dressed and very helpful.
      The waiter was very patient in explaining all the choices and our waterglasses were never empty.
      The owner Menachem came by our table to check on us 3 times.
      The crowd was an eclectic mix which adds to the experience.
      We tried the beef tartar, soup, beet salad and duck as appetizers and enjoyed them all. The food was elegantly displayed and delicious. For the main we had a steak, lamb, fish, and chichen. All were cooked perfectly.
      Dessert was the penut butter bar and the chocolate both excellent.
      Overall it was a great experience and quite unique for a kosher establishment. The prices were in line with most upper end kosher places in the city but the overall experience was the best I have experienced