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Aug 22, 2012 06:29 AM

Dinner and Drinks for 20 - Night out in Providence

We are a group of waitresses and kitchen staff finishing the Newport summer season and heading to Providence for a celebration dinner and drinks. We need a recommendation on a place that would be able to accommodate a party of 20 and would be a fun atmosphere with really good food and service. We will also be doing a little bar hopping, so send recommendations for cool bars as well. This will be on a Tuesday night. Thanks!

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  1. Red Fez would be a good option! You can probably fit upstairs in the bar area, but maybe a bit tight for 20 in the dining room?

    1. Baccaro on N. Main, Al Forno near Wickenden, Local 121 downtown, Paragon on Thayer, Venda on Federal Hill...

      I wouldn't recommend the Red Fez for more than 2-4 people...the booths could fit 6 but getting one is an issue on busier nights.

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        I've been to Red Fez with a large group. Maybe not 20, but 12-15ish? We were fine upstairs in the bar. With that said, Paragon would be good for size and location (food is not memorable). Local 121, too.

      2. The Avery would be a great place to start with cocktails. Just off Broadway in PVD