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Aldi's --- what are you liking or not? August 2012

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Here is what I'm liking--

On sale starting next week August 29th. Deutsche Küche
Black Forest Smoked Ham
$8.99 for 3lbs of German ham. I like EU pork or any meats because the EU is lot stricter on raising pigs etc with hormones and antibiotics. German farmers will be obeying these laws more so than the the free wheeling EU nations in crisis such as Spain and Greece

Update -- BF ham is from Germany or USA? I could swear their other Deutsche Küche products said German origin. The bratwurst and knockwurst is what I have eaten so far

Here is a review not written by me --- http://davescupboard.blogspot.com/200...

I also like Aldi's hot sauce under their Burman's house brand. Better than Tabasco because less vinegary and more thick full pepper like Sriracha. $1 for 15oz all the time

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  1. I like the Friendly Farms Original almond milk (2.50 for 1/2 gallon), and glad they carry it on a regular basis now. I wish they carried an unsweetened one....but as it is, I stir in a little instant espresso powder (not from Aldi) for a quick version of dairy-free coffee milk- so the sweeteness isn't always such a bad thing.

    Aldi also carries multi-color mini peppers in a sack for at least a dollar less than other stores around here.....and when it's on sale, nearly half the price of that in other local stores!

    Friendly Farms spreadable cheese wedges seem identical to Laughing Cow wedges....maybe not offered in the same variety of flavors (only I've seen/tried are jalapeno cheddar and herb garlic) but they are much more reasonably priced.

    Their woven wheat crackers are nearly as good as Triscuits- maybe not quite as nice a roasted flavor as Triscuits (I love when come have slightly darker edges!) but pretty good. Less than $1.50 for a standard-size box.

    Their chocolates are generally good- I tend to prefer dark chocolate, but I was offered a piece of their milk chocolate with hazelnuts once and thought it was leaps and bounds over Hershey's, at a comparable price point.

    Plastic wrap and foil are fine (foil is only regular, not heavy duty, in my store). Sponges seem a little less sturdy than brand name in my estimation, but they are perfectly fuctional.

    The only miss for me has been their shelf-stable jarred green pesto (have not tried the red version). Wegmans has a good store-brand jar pesto, and ingredient lists looked similar.....but the Aldi product had a weird sort of pickled flavor that I couldn't get past. Ick.

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      Almond milk was a great discovery-$1.50 savings on each. Every time I would get both types(90 and 60 calorie per serving) but wishing they had another option-unsweetened. To my surprise and excitement, last week the two varieties were both unsweetened, 40 cal per serving! But no previous options. Today they are back to previous versions, but no more unsweetened. What gives? This was a nice wish come through, but only for a week. I wish I knew more about their 'limited' runs, ideas behind it and notifications about upcoming ones.

      1. re: Zorki

        You know, I had written an e-mail to their customer service once and received a very nice, personalized reply. It might be worth sending a note letting them know about your concerns!

      1. I thought Black Forest was just a type of ham as Dietz and Watson and Boar's Head have their own versions. Do you slice it thick for sandwiches? If I had a spiral slicer, I would buy that all of the time.

        I also love their version of light wheat thins and light tricuits. Same with the Savoritz water crackers.

        I had some of their brats (special item, not the regular ones) from Germany or WI the other month and they were amazing.

        My store will have eggs for $.69/dozen and avacados for $.59 each this week. That is nuts. The problem with their product is that it can turn very quickly. The avacados are rocks in the store but mush in a week.

        Those baby backs are a good price for my hood ($3.29/lb) but I have not tried them.

        Their chex mix and kettle chips are both damn good and cheap.

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        1. re: Dax

          I forgot about the 4 smaller heads of artisian lettuce for $1.99 or the spinach or salad greens for like $1.50. Also, the butter is fairy cheap at about $2.50/lb.

          My girlfriend swears their milk tastes weird so we don't get it but I don't drink enough milk to notice a difference.

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            I agree w your girlfriend..i don't buy milk there.

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              The artisan lettuce is on special at our local Aldi this week for 99 cents, and butter runs 2.12.

              I just picked up 8 really nice looking bell peppers at 49 cents/2 pack. Pretty happy about that.

          2. I like NOTHING about our Aldi's; & dislike EVERYTHING about our Aldi's.

            Cheap & creepy. Nuff said.

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            1. re: Bacardi1

              That is unfortunate for you. Ours is new(ish), clean and bright.

              The only thing creepy is the jackasses who park in the handicap spots without placards or plates, but that is normal all over.

              1. re: Dax

                Frozen peas are $1 there (LB)
                Good luck finding this in a conventional store. If your children love cereals then go to Aldi's and find some good deals on sturdy imitations of Kellogg's xxxxxx etc etc. Lots of Euro chocolate bars there too. White and baby bella mushRoom are often at deep discount at mine like 79 centavos yesterday so hate on bacardi

                In Florida at least they have been running seeded watermelons for months at $4 or less. Good sized ones and I have never gotten a mushy or crappy one which is more than I can say for that mega store starting with a T plus higher priced at T

              2. re: Bacardi1

                While my son was studying a year abroad in France, he shopped for the first time at Aldi's. In France, Aldi's is highly regarded and as large as WalMart in size and offerings. Along with the all frozen food shops called Picard (where you can buy FR pastries for little $), he ate very well on a college budget in a tiny kitchen setup.

                LOL, Aldi's bashers are like TJ bashers. Nuff said.

                1. re: HillJ

                  There are actually two Aldi companies -- Aldi Nord and Aldi Süd. The Aldi stores in France are part of the Aldi Nord chain, which also owns Trader Joe's; Aldi USA is owned by Aldi Süd.

                  Not sure how pronounced the Nord/Süd distinction is in Europe -- I think I've only been to a Süd store (Munich) and that was in 1991 -- but it's an interesting consideration.

                2. re: Bacardi1

                  Sorry to hear that Bacardi... i wont buy meats there (things like steaks, chops, or ground meat because of the heavy brining they seem to use), but much of their other stuff is of equal or better quality than some 'name brand' stuff...and a helluva lot less pricey.

                3. 3 pack of mangoes for 1.79. They are delicous.
                  Their mac salad is good. 2.50 for 2 lbs.
                  6" flour tortillas 20 for 1.49.
                  Somethings changed about their salsa. Used to be excellent..now I don't like it.

                  1. Completely agree with you on Aldi's "Black Forest" ham. A 3lb ham for $9 is a great deal. And it is very tasty. Two big thumbs up on that one.

                      1. Their avocados are always so much cheaper than any other grocery store around here. Last week they were on sale for $0.49 a piece. I snagged 5 of those beauties. Publix was selling them for 1.99 each.

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                        1. re: sheilal

                          They were $0.39 a piece in St. Louis and 2 for $5.00 at Whole Foods.

                          1. re: robt5265

                            $.49 each in Birmingham, AL yesterday. No idea how much they are elsewhere. They do seem to have a very limited window of time between the following statges:

                            unripe>ripe>way over-ripe/spoiled.

                            1. re: Dax

                              Refrigeration retards the ripening process a lot. I bought a bunch of ripened avocados around 8/26 and used my last one last night. It was a bit too mushy to slice, but it made great guacamole!.

                        2. this thread inspired me to go to aldis today. i almost got the 3 pound of ham. but i already have some ham in the fridge.

                          i did see some thinly sliced sirloin that was marked half off. i bought it along with some green bell peppers. i got home and made cheese steaks. the steak was, well, it was good i suppose. esp. since i got 4 large thin steaks for less than 5 dollars. but you could tell the brined the dickens out of it. super salty. and the bell peppers were very bitter, as if they werent ripened completely. however they were large and completely green.
                          alot of the things there were great deals, but not things that i would buy. im on a very limited budget, so because of that i dont buy things like cereal, and chips, and other prepared foods. however i will from time to time return to aldis if i would like a frozen pizzas, pretzels, what have you.

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                          1. re: charles_sills

                            Their eggs are super cheap and good if you don't require organic and their sugar, flour, dried beans, breads, etc. are very fairly priced. You would be surprised as we rarely buy their prepared foods.

                          2. This week I nabbed eggs for .75/doz, Fage yogurt tubs for 2.49, Kellogg's cereal for 2.99 box, honey and natural PB for 1.79 each, flour and sugar for well under 3.00 each, flowers for 1.49 and whole grain sandwich bread for .89/loaf. Aldi's continues to rock my monthly food budget.

                            1. Honestly, I can't think of anything I've ever been disappointed in. As I travel around the store in my head, these are the items I regularly purchase.
                              Moser 85% cocoa chocolate
                              Honey wheat twists (pretzels)
                              Olive oil
                              Dried cranberries
                              Hazelnut/chocolate spead
                              Fage yogurt
                              hummus (roasted red pepper)
                              string cheese
                              chicken breast
                              bacon wrapped tenderloin
                              frozen blueberries
                              Frozen wild caught salmon
                              tuna (sweet & spicy in pouch)

                              They had Grandessa brand balsamic glaze once, but once I opened it and realized how great it was, it was no longer available. They also once had Fusia brand sweet chili dipping sauce that was outstanding.

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                              1. re: Scoutmaster

                                Do you mean those individual bacon wrapped "filets" in brine? Those are kind of scary for like $2?

                                Most of the frozen fish at my Aldi seems to be from Taiwan, China, etc. I don't buy it.

                                1. re: Dax

                                  Yes, bacon wrapped filets, but no brine. Just slap them on the grill. I remove the bacon before serving.

                                  1. re: Scoutmaster

                                    The ones that are really cheap over in the meat section, not frozen? I thought they said brine injected.

                              2. Cheap butter, chocolate chips, those artisan lettuces, Persian cukes, cheap onions, cream cheese, and especially their baking spray with flour, of which you can use the whole can, not have it stall out midway through like some others.

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                                1. re: buttertart

                                  Funny you mention the baking spray because they change the spray cap about a year ago to a much nicer, solid, bigger spray head. Big difference in performance.

                                  1. re: HillJ

                                    Excellent! Even the old one worked on the ones I've used.

                                    1. re: buttertart

                                      Oh don't get me wrong, the nozzle worked but the sturdiness and control of the new one is a big improvement.

                                2. i gave aldis another shot yesterday. i was hungry before class, and didnt have time to run home and didnt want to go get fast food. i figured i would go in and grab some fruit. strawberries were really cheap. so i looked through all the little containers of strawberries. i opened all of them up, all of them were covered in mold. i was pretty angry to say the least. i really dont think im ever going back again.

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                                  1. re: charles_sills

                                    That's a shame. The Aldi's I've been to have great produce. There's so much turnover that everything is always fresh.

                                    1. re: Scoutmaster

                                      My local one is hit or miss on fresh produce. Mostly, we go with the "artisan" lettuce, cucumbers, avacados (see note above), mushrooms, whole carrots, cabbage, cauliflower, grapes, sometimes oranges,whole pineapples, cantelopes, and occassionally the tri-pepper pack (one red, one orange, one yellow) if priced under $2.

                                      Sometimes the cauliflower has a bit of black stuff (mold?) on it but washes off easily and the produce is not mushy/overripe.

                                      The strawberrs are always a little mushy and suspect.

                                      You have to pick through the artisan lettuce packs as some are mushy at the bottom. Same with bagged mix greens and spinach in the cold case.

                                      Lemons from Aldi seem to spoil within a week if not refrigerated and the white onions mold quickly.

                                      Still, the pricing on all of the above smokes the local Publix, Winn Dixie and Piggly Wiggly unless on some deep sale. However, never is everything at one of those stores one sale at the same time so Aldi always wins.

                                      The bananas are not much cheaper per pound so I don't tend to buy them.

                                      1. re: Dax

                                        I would contact someone from corporate about the problems at your particular store. They seem responsive to customer feedback.

                                        There is so much other competition within a few miles of my Aldi, yet they get a ton of traffic. The store is spotless and again, the produce is always fresh. Usually it doesn't even have time to reach room temperature before being restocked.

                                        My only complaint is the checkouts. Often times there's 8-10 people in line before they call for backup. Goes pretty quick though.

                                  2. Their beanless canned chili is good for chili dogs.

                                    Beef smoked sausage is not good on its own, but sliced, browned and simmered in a gumbo it was surprisingly delicious.

                                    Chicken leg quarters are indistinguishable from those at 'regular' groceries.

                                    Do not buy their butter crust frozen pizza.

                                    1. Produce at my local Aldi is not so fresh. Some of the cereals are too sweet. When they first opened they had real muesli, made in Germany, it was soo good! Then they stopped carrying it. Eggs and milk are cheap. Bread, too.

                                      1. We do not drink a lot of milk but they had gallons of skim for $.99 in Alabama today. Sure they expire in only a week but for those who go through milk fast, it was a deal and saved $3/gallon compared to the store.

                                        1. Their frozen foods are surprisingly good; a decent quality sweet & sour chicken entree for $2? Sure!

                                          Yogurt's about 40 cents and is as good as the $1/carton stuff at the supermarket.

                                          My housemates and I are fans of Barber frozen stuffed chicken breasts, which are $5 for a pack of two at the supermarket; the $1/apiece ones at Aldi are just as good.

                                          The only stuff I've had there that I'd avoid in the future are some of their lunch meats. They're easy to spot -- they're the ones called "Water and ham", and that's what they taste like.