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Aug 22, 2012 04:02 AM

Dress codes

Hello all,

I was wondering if there were dress codes at spotted pig or momofuku ssam bar? They both look pretty casual just wondering if jeans and a dress shirt would be fine for both? Or can I go even more casual?

Also, heading to Le Bernardin which requires a jacket for dinner - is tie optional or should one also wear a tie?

Cheers all

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  1. Spotted pig and saam bar-very relaxed and casual wear fine-even shorts! LeBernadin-dress very smartly-tie optional but definitely wear a coat.

    1. I think if you wore a tie into The Spotted Pig they would ask you to take it off (just kiddin, but it's SUPER casual).

      Le B - jacket yes, tie is not required but if you go in the evening I'd be willing to bet you'll see more men with than without (but again, you'll be fine either way).

      1. Im with the others that you'd be in the upper 50% dressy-wise in a dress shirt at spotted pig or ssam bar.

        when i made reservations at LB recently i think the recording explicitly says that ties are optional (it DEFINITELY says that jackets are required. at least 6 times - may have been a function of how long i was on hold but the human voice i finally got to also repeated it.)

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          Do you know if LB requires jackets in the lounge as well or is it just the dining room?

          1. re: RobS174

            im pretty certain its both but i cant say for certain - id call and ask if you wanted the definitive answer.