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Aug 22, 2012 03:02 AM

Can you ID this mystery kitchen gadget?

A friend recently procured this kitchen gadget which, as a coffee connoisseur, first reminded him of a coffee ibrik or cezve. I'm wondering, however, if his love of coffee has skewed his perception and it is, instead, just a primitive multi-purpose kitchen tool à la Pampered Chef.

Take a look and offer your two cents? I'd be thrilled to find out we're both wrong.

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  1. I'm thinking it's funnel of some sort, and you've got the spout part pointing the wrong way.

    Maybe a canning funnel -- without the spout for jam and things like tomatoes, with the spout for jelly.

    Here's what looks like a modern version:

    Yours has the strainer to keep all the extra little bits out of the jelly.

    Could also be a wine funnel -- are much fancier, but they're the same general concept.

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    1. re: sunshine842

      My hubby is an advanced collector of antique fruit jars. He says it is a multi-purpose funnel, used for canning jellies or juices. He also says he might even have one - but it would be way, way too hard to find because he has boxes and boxes of antique canning gadgets!

    2. In the second photo, the spout is upside down, right? That would really make it a mystery utensil.

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      1. re: John Francis

        Yes, it is upside down. The spout should point the other way so that you can fill the funnel with whatever liquid something or another and the spout points down to direct the flow into the jar or bottle. The funnel can be used without the spout and just with one of the screens for wide-mouth jars, it can be used with the spout and a screen for a narrow mouth jar or bottle. People used to make juice and put it in bottles, then cap the bottles with cork or with a bottle capper. They used to seal jars with wax, too. Amazing that so many of them lived!

      2. I can tell what it is from the first photo. I've got one almost exactly like it. It's a car key.