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Aug 22, 2012 01:47 AM

Special/unusual, but not loud or too creative (!) for Sunday lunch anniversary celebration


We've booked Gilbert Scott for this Sunday lunch as anniversary treat for my in-laws. But I'm having doubts. Reports seem mixed - one friend said the room didn't feel very special, though the photos look fairly grand. I've been in the cocktail bar, which I love.

Can anyone share their experiences of the Gilbert Scott, particularly for Sunday lunch?

Can anyone suggest an alternative:

Not too noisy a room
Preferably a good view or grand-feeling dining room
Good but more importantly, friendly, service
Reliable and consistently good cooking more important than flash and surprising.
Prefer traditional-ish British or French cuisine
Open for Sun Lunch!
Likely to have a table for this Sun!
Something that feels a bit special but prob not trendy!
Price less important than value

Otherwise, I'm open to suggestions of wild cards - somewhere they would never go themselves in a million years and may be completely non-fancy but would be a real experience - a rooftop popup, say or something like Ben Spalding's Stripped Back.

Thank you all!

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  1. Gordon Ramsay at Claridges - might sound an off the wall recomendation, but it is grand and a bit special; service is good; food is reasonable, reliable and Frenchish; Sunday lunch isn't exhorbitant; and it is open Sunday.

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    1. re: PhilD

      Thanks! Looks interesting. Not keen on the man's persona but suppose shldnt let that get in the way.

      Any other suggestions or Gilbert Scott feedback, please?

      1. re: lapengia

        I think it is always wise to look beyond the media image of the man - it is difficult to assess how much of that is manufactured.

        Contrast that with how long he keeps/kept his protégés with him and how many of them are now top UK chefs. He clearly grew and nurtured some great talent in his kitchens and only one or two parted company (after lengthy stints together) on bad terms - Marcus Wareing being the obvious example.

    2. The Wolseley or The Delauney: you'll definitely get the grand dining room, reliable and consistently good cooking and great service.

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        Or there new one "Brasserie Zedel" - I know the building well after mis-spending my youth in the old Atlantic. Definately a grand room and rumored to be very tarted up.