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Grilled Chicken Sandwich

I've been making a lot of grilled chicken and steak sandwiches lately, but I need to change it up. Give me one or two ingredients to add (not too crazy) to add and let me know what to subtract from my sandwich.

Here's the last one I made.
Two thin sliced cutlets season with S&P, cumin, smoked paprika, garlic powder and pepper flakes
Grilled onions and tomatoes
Diced avocado
Crumbled Jalapeno cheddar

Any thoughts?

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  1. Chipotle mayonnaise
    Yellow curry mayonnaise

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      Yellow curry mayo...you buy it or make your own?

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        Ah, sorry. I just mix mayonnaise with some yellow curry powder.

    2. Use just the chicken, roasted peppers chopped up, goats cheese, oregano.

      1. marinate the chicken in yogurt with ginger, garlic, garam masala, lemon juice (chicken tikka).

        try blending some major gray's chutney with some sour cream or mayo (or greek yogurt) and then add some finely minced red onion and green and red bell pepper, putting this with your chicken on a nice crusty roll.

        mix soy sauce with mayo and garlic/ginger and a little hot sauce, or use pre-mixed teriyaki glaze or a korean stir fry sauce

        1. sprouts
          thinly sliced bell pepper
          butter lettuce

          minus the grilled onions and cheese

          1. - Marinate the chicken in olive oil, lime juice, s&p, Aleppo pepper and grated onion and garlic; grill chicken; slice the cutlet thinly and serve in a warmed pita with tzatziki and lettuce, tomatoes and sweet onions tossed in a bit of extra virgin olive oil and s&p. This is also good with leftover grilled steak.
            - Season a cutlet with s&p, top with a slice of prosciutto and grill. Great on thinly sliced ciabatta with mayo and grilled green or sweet onions
            - With bacon on thinly sliced and toasted ciabatta with remoulade mayo (or chipotle mayo). Sometimes I cook an egg patty super thin and add that with s&p
            - With fresh mozzarella, tomatoes and basil on ciabatta slathered with pesto
            - With chipotle mayo, avocado and shredded lettuce on a toasted bun
            - In a corn tortilla quesadilla with toasted corn, diced red onions, mashed black beans, lime juice, s&p and jack and cheddar cheese. Top with diced tomatoes, sweet onions, sour cream and guacamole.

            1. Swiss cheese
              cole slaw
              pickled grapes (a CHOW recipe)
              Russian or 1000 Island dressing
              Once fresh tomato season ends, storebought sun-dried tomatoes jarred with olive oil and garlic.

              1. chicken marinated in garlic, lemon, s&p. Grilled, along with some red onion slices

                Top with blue cheese. Add shredded romaine or baby arugula, sliced tomato to the sandwich. Ciabatta bun would be good here.

                1. Slice of ham, brie, apple slice and pepper jelly! It's great if you assemble the sandwich and then toast it on the grill gently, too.

                  1. I love all the ideas, but was really looking for one additional/one subtraction. Not nine other ingredients. Obviously, if I could turn the chicken into a porterhouse I would. JK. I do like the mashed black bean idea. Instead of bread, might do a soft taco/quesadilla and not grill the onions and tomatos. Basically do a little chicken taco night. Love the other idea, but on a bit of a budget.

                    And gotta say, one of my favorite at home quick meals is a turkey burger, with grilled granny smith apples and brie with a tiny bit of raspberry jam and some red pepper flakes!

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                      How about a chipotle mayo? Or I'd mash up that avocado and turn it into a spread - perhaps make it into guacamole before you spread it. I also like tomatillo salsa with chicken.

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                        I actually like chipotles, but for whatever they don't like me. I can eat habaneros all day long, but for some reason Jalapenos sometimes bother me and chipotles always do. And not a stomach ache...I have gall stones and they trigger attacks

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                        what? you only want a simple one-step tweak? wrong site, bro! LOL

                        seriously, though -- do you marinate your chicken at all? that is a large part of changing things up for a different flavor.

                      3. Minus avocado (& cumin from your seasoning)
                        Add marinara sauce
                        Substitute provolone for cheddar
                        Broil till cheese is bubbly and brown.

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                          sorry man, I can't stand chicken parm. Hate marinara sauce...most boring sauce there is...I'd rather just grilled some tomatoes and some roast some garlic than do marinara...just a personal thing

                        2. Ditch the jalapeno cheddar but add uncured applewood smoked bacon and fresh pesto. You could probably ditch the avocado and onions as well and just make it a more substantial BLT (especially since fresh tomatoes are so fantastic this time of year.) Had it tonight and the juice of the fresh tomato running down the arm makes it that much better!

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                            I make grilled chicken & pesto BLTs all the time...not really a BLT when I add the chicken, pesto and fresh buffalo mozzarella though, haha

                          2. Kept it pretty simple. Got some black beans and added some mustard powder and some garlic, seasons the chicken in a dry rub (fairly spicy rub that is meant to be mixed with olive oil for a pasta). Had soft tacos - beans, a little chicken, chopped tomatoes and shredded lettuce (skipped the cheese and avocado) and added a little pineapple salsa and a dash of Sriracha topped with a little more chicken. Came out pretty good. Actually forgot the cheese, but not biggie. Had enough stuff on it.

                            1. Roasted pablanos , pepper jack and flat bread!! YUM!