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Aug 21, 2012 08:08 PM

Your Best Budget Meal Recipes and Tips.......Please

Wow, prices in NE for food are rising as a type. Any ideas on how to still provide tasty meals for a family of 4 would be greatly appreciated.

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      Almost certainly mentioned in one of the links but if not - then cut down on the meat and eat more vegetarian meals.

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        Sorry Sydney... I didn't mean to be snippy. I have participated in most of those threads that janniecooks listed. It gets boring reading and writing the same stuff.

        Usually I like a new thread on the same basic subject. It just seemed like we had just finished a thread a couple of weeks ago.

      2. I tend to look in the reduced aisle of the grocery store. Whilst money was very tight I relied on my freezer to stretch out the life of the food I did have. Quite a lot of the items that get reduced are perfectly good and can be frozen for future use.

        Being a savvy shopper can make a big difference to what you can get for your money. Know where is the best place to buy meat and vegetables for your budget. Have a shopping list that you can stick to and avoid 'special offers' that you don't need, it's a common tactic for stores to put on specials to get the shopper to spend more. Take advantage of coupons too.

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          Agree about savvy shopper. I also like to have 2 lists. First is a basic inventory of what you always keep in the pantry, fridge and what you are out of or low on this week. That way you aren't running to the convenience store to buy a tiny bottle of soy sauce or a stick of butter and paying three times the price. Try to keep up your inventory utilizing the next tip. Find out what's on sale at the store you're headed to that fills the inventory needs and also appeals to you to cook this week. You may have to go to more than one store a week and that doesn't work for everyone. I try to shop around for the best deals of the week and they may be at Whole Foods! Of course when doable go to Farmers Markets or a Farmstands for local produce and let your purchases be the backbone of your recipes for the week.
          But you've got have a plan.

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          1. Every time I shop at ethnic markets, I'm shocked by how low the bill is.

            1. Do you have an Aldi near you?

              They are what's called a "hard discounter" - they sell groceries cheaper than any other grocery store, including Wal-Mart.