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Aug 21, 2012 06:42 PM

Farmers Market Food Trends & Favorite Food Vendors

Wondering what great foods everyone is finding at their local farmers market. I'm personally obsessed with Majestic Garlic - Healthy Creamy Garlic spread in San Diego. It's raw and vegan. I use it with roasted chicken (a la Zankou chicken for those of you from LA). It tastes very similar to their garlic spread.

What great foods have you found at your farmers market and what trends are you seeing?

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  1. Have noticed more heirloom tomatoes at lower prices than previous years at local markets
    and even Whole Foods.

    1. I go to a couple of very simple farmers markets, mostly growers only a few non-growers
      Both of them now have wine vendors… (though I don’t’ think either of the vintners are that great)