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Aug 21, 2012 05:19 PM


Hi there folks.

Meeting my friend for dinner tomorrow. He's settled on the NoHo area. Ventura Blvd is ok too.

Was looking at Federal Bar. Anyone been? What's YUR opinion.
Sri Siam/...Have been a gazillion times to Sanam Luang and Krua Thai over the years.
Thought I'd try a different place.

Maybe you know of another place?
We're open to suggestions.


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  1. Highly recommend Bow & Truss in NoHo (I think it's owned by Federal Bar owners). On Magnolia near Lankershim. Excellent, wide range of Spanish tapas and larger plates (ample portions too) I'd recommend sharing everything--maybe a couple of smaller plates/tapas/salads and one larger plate). Nice wine list of very reasonably priced Spanish wines; creative cocktails. Lively (at least when I was there), attractive setting. A wide open patio w/ its own bar & striking, well-designed interior (if you prefer air conditioning).

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    1. re: archer

      this would be my suggestion. Definitely not food you would find all over the valley, or even the west side.
      On Magnolia about one block east of Lankershim.
      Heard it is better than you might expect.

    2. I'm only familiar with the Thai restaurants that you have mentioned, all 3 are very good for different reasons. Much of Sri Siam's menu is wonderful especially the special items written in Thai on the whiteboard. Ask the server to translate if necessary. The Whole Fish with Garlic, Herbs and Chilies ordered spicy hot is world class good!

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      1. re: sel

        Lotus Vegan on Vineland is really good and I'm not a vegetarian.

      2. Hi there folks.

        Thx for all the suggestions. Ended up at Federal Bar. Was NOT impressed. In fact, chickie got my order wrong so I returned it and ended up with only the ineventful cup of corn chowder. :(