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Aug 21, 2012 05:04 PM

Any Good Creative Insalatone in Rome?

A current thread reminded me that I wanted to ask whether any Roman restaurants were producing excellent lunch size salads these days. Our one attempt, a few years back at Insalata Ricca was pitiful. And looking at a picture of an italian fancy salad the other day with corn kernels scattered on it made me shudder Im talking about a salad with a lot of flavor, savor and interest, one that wouldnt leave me missing "real" food.

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  1. Or, as a second alternative, any suggestions of good antipasto arrays or such that would be suitable as a light lunch or component of same? Anyone who makes an interesting use of grains and legumes, a la Ottolenghi in London?.

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      I know just what you mean about those salads and the corn. My one experience of Insalata Ricca, where I was taken by someone else, was pretty much the same. Margutta Veg might do for you. They have grain things and a big buffet. Nerone has a good antipasto spread. Usually people eat more courses, but things are changing, and if you said upfront that you just wanted antipasto, it would probably be all right. We used to go to La Piazzetta sometimes for antipasto lunch. Generally the salads are really, really disappointing. We make such nice ones at home, and in restaurants, they are pretty bad. Open Colonna buffet would be worth a look for you.

    2. Jen, we had excellent salads for lunch at Cul de Sac when we were there in early July. I can't remember the specifics (it was SUPER hot that day and I was just happy there was airconditioning) but I remember they were very good. A vegetarian friend of mine also had a very good salad-type dish at Roscioli that had artichoke hears, mache, salmon and pine nuts (and maybe parm - hard to tell from the picture) that would make a great lunch dish.