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Aug 21, 2012 03:04 PM

Chinese banquet style wedding in downtown Toronto or Yorkville - help please!


I'm starting to look at venues for my wedding (~150 people) and want a Chinese banquet style. I know many of the nicer and yummy Chinese restaurants / banquet halls are uptown, but because most of my guests are out-of-town and never been to Toronto, I'd prefer to be closer to the TO skyline. Based on this, here are some of the options I'm considering and wanted to see what people thought:

1. Dynasty restaurant (Yorkville): Love the location because it's walking distance to several hotels. Just not sure if the restaurant itself is spacious enough because the dancing and bar will be important for me and my fiance =) Also heard it's pricey, but food quality is good.

2. Pearl Harbourfront: Love the view, but also concerned it's not spacious enough and heard they changed management a year ago. Another plus is that they are used to catering to more Westerners, which is a good chunk of my guests.

3. Atlantis Pavillion: Read a lot of reviews but not that many on the Chinese caterers. Anybody work with Dragon Dynasty catering service? I'm just worried that the food quality won't be great and the food won't come out hot either. Otherwise, I love the view!

4. Fountain Blu: Similar pros and cons with Atlantis, except they use Grand caterers for Chinese menus. Anybody hear any pros / cons about them?

Appreciate any feedback!!!

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  1. Sounds like a toss up between views vs food quality. My 2 cents is you can't taste the view.

    Here's another 2 cents:

    Went to a couple weddings at Dynasty back when it was in the Colonnade but have not been to new location. Used to live right around there and the food quality was always consistent and fresh and good, even up to my "food snob" HK parents' snuff. Definitely not cheap.

    Pearl Harbourfront is a great location and nice space for a wedding. I think the food is sort of 80s. Was there for dim sum a couple months ago and really enjoyed all these dishes that I used to eat with my dear old Popo/grandma way back when. Was yummy, just not trendy. Price is ok.

    Have you been to Atlantis recently? I know Ont Place managment is in flux and last couple yrs it looks like they have not been spending much on building upkeep. Definitely can't beat the views but would recommend giving the managers a good shake down on what exactly they can promise you.

    Looks like you're going for somewhere splashy... did you consider Crown Princess on Bay St (great food :& location, not sure if it would hold 150 in 1 room + dance floor), or Lai Wah Heen in the Metropolitan Hotel on Chestnut? Good luck and happy planning.

    I wouldn't pay for all that food without eating it first! Get the caterers to whip some stuff up for you to try and then you can judge. Good luck!!

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    1. re: dameems

      Thanks so much for your help!!! You're pretty spot on in terms on my debate between views and food quality.

      As for Atlantis, I heard similar hesitations about the management, so I'll definitely try to push for what I can get.

      Have you heard anything about Grand catering? I'll check out the other 2 places you recommended though.

      Thanks again =)

    2. I wouldn't book anything too far in the future at Lai Wah Heen.

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        Can you share any more info about LWH?

      2. The original comment has been removed