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Bent at 777 Dundas West ready to open?

This is Susur Lee's son's place. Does anyone know when it's going to open? I went by this afternoon, and the tables were set, and guys were folding napkins. I also spotted a sake menu! Love to hear more if chowies have some inside info!

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  1. It looks like it is going to open any day now.

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      They had a private event the other day. Yesterday I walked by and there was a sign saying they will "reopen" on some day...it was either the 24th, 25th, or 26th...sorry I can't remember exactly, but it should be any day now.

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        Looking forward to checking the place out. The big arrow sign looks like it was stolen from philip sparks and the walls from the saint.

      2. Now Magazine online also says open this weekend:

        1. Here's a peek when I passed by on Monday!

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            I walked by yesterday and it now has the words "family" and "restaurant" in the windows flanking the front doors. Huh, didn't think it was a family restaurant.

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              Anyone have comments about it yet? I went by on saturday night and it wasn't really that busy. I'd bet it will be packed for quite a while though based on name alone.

            2. Great. Another "too cool" Toronto restaurant that doesn't take reservations. PASS.

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                having no reservations just makes things easier to run. I don't get the "too cool" part at all.

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                  I will wait in line for a good meal any day. I like food that much. I'm one cool dude.

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                    I'm not a planner in my personal life so I like places where I can just show up and not worry about a reservation. If the foods good I don't mind the wait.

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                      Yeah, but there are some times -- like, when you're taking someone out for a special occasion or you have other events planned that night -- when you can't afford to take a chance. So it would be nice if restaurants accepted at least a few reservations at each sitting.

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                        I agree with this. I am a planner, and if I am going to treck across town for dinner, the last thing I want is to risk not getting in at a decent hour. It really does put me in a bad mood.. I would appreciate if restaurants took reservations but reserved a portion of the resto for walk ins every night.

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                          I understand that position. For me, I don't go somewhere without reservation unless I'm willing to wait for an hour. If I have somewhere else to be or I'm dining with someone who isn't as relaxed about the wait, I pick a place that takes reservation and save the non-reservation places for when the wait isn't a issue. I think it is the best of both worlds.

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                            That's what I tend to do, too, but the end result is that there are many places that simply will never get my money because I don't often have time to wait an hour for a meal.

                    2. went there for dinner on Friday. got there around 830-ish, seated within 30 mins.

                      the food was delicious.
                      the clear winners to me were the nigiri sampler, and the braised short ribs with parsnip & black garlic

                      the raw bar food was much more outstanding than the hot stuff

                      skip the duck salad

                      the ungai sushi served on daikon radish cake (chinese dim sum type) was interesting to say the least. the tartare on rice pattys is pretty much a fancy take on sushi pizza you get all over the city

                      most cocktails are gin based, which i'm not a fan of. the amsterdam unfiltered IPA (boneshaker) is good if you like IPA, I didn't realize it was that, and i HATED EVERY SIP OF It. lol

                      1. Tried Bent and Susur was around near closing :)

                        Had the most AMAZING $38 sparkling sake not on LCBO list :(
                        Ate 3 things:

                        Nigiri tasting
                        hamachi, salmon, snapper and tuna.
                        generous cuts and quality accompaniments. The pickled ginger had a more familiar "chinese" pickling taste i liked and thought homemade, the wasabi was likely a blend of real and fake and the soy was higher quality.
                        Favourites were the hamachi (can't remember garnish) and salmon w/ yuzu. Snapper w/ shiso and tuna w/red powder (smokey?) were only ok.

                        Shaoxing Braised Pork Belly with daikon puree.
                        Found this surprisingly subtle as the shaoxing wasn't detectable and the dish was neither sweet nor salty. The pork taste did come through and the texture was beautiful.

                        Duck Salad
                        Bent's rendition of Lee's Singapore Slaw. I still prefer the SS but it's nice that this is different. The duck meat was tender and in small strips oppose to how some places with do chewy slices. There were fried noodles and dried taro chip shreds for crunch. I would have preferred less red onion and green onions but that's just my taste.

                        Dessert is a free amuse that changes daily
                        Today was a cilantro chocolate mousse with crunchy honeycomb-like peanut crumb, a lemon gelee w/ blueberry compote and foam, almond wafer
                        Couldn't taste cilantro in the chocolate but texture contrast was good. I envisioned a chocolate black bean (as in sauce) combo could be cool. Lemon was nice but not terribly exciting and the almond wafer was not sweet with a delightful toastiness.

                        I quite like the decor though found it more King West shiny than Dundas West rustic.

                        1. Tried Bent for the first time on Friday night. Won't be back. Was seated at the worst seat in the house - right beside the hostess stand. Asked to move to empty seat beside us - but after seeing hostess dramatically say no to our server, was told no, that the seat was only for a party of 3 (was not reserved, and we were a party of 2). Less than 5 minutes later the table was given to...a party of 2. Server saw our expression and did end up giving us free dessert - but whole evening the service just seemed awkward. The food ranged from ok to good (Lobster Tacos, Kale Salad, Sashimi tasting, chicken breast) but definitely not worth the price. Including bottle of wine + one cocktail + tax + tip = $200 for 2.

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                              haha - a pal said the same thing - doubly confirms we won't be back!