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Aug 21, 2012 02:48 PM

Champagne and Pizza in Rome on a Monday

Hubby and I will be in Rome for a couple of days before my in-laws meet us and we take off on this year's Italian Adventure (Umbria and Vietri). We will be staying on Via Bocca di Leone just off of Via Condotti (near Sp. Steps). The first night we are in Rome, we would like to go somewhere relatively close (or not too far) and share a bottle of champagne and then go somewhere else for pizza for dinner. I have a couple of pizza recs (Leoncino and Le Carette). I was thinking Enoteca al Parlemento might be good for the champagne stop, but would welcome any other suggestions.

For the record, our other dinners will be La Rosetta, Urbana 47 and Roscioli (of course).

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  1. Enoteca al Parlamento would be great for your aperitivo. They now have tables outside, enclosed in cold weather. I also love their restaurant (at the back). Isn't Leoncino the pizza al taglio near Via Cavour? Le Carrette is near Via Cavour. You would have to take a taxi after your Champagne, and it's not the sort of place you take a taxi to (implying it's worth a detour, which it isn't). The old Pizza Capricciosa, off Via del Corso, where I haven't been in decades, would be convenient for you, as would Gusto, but I'm sure the pizza hounds here will have other ideas. My pizzeria is Li Rioni (near home), but again you'd have to take a taxi, which I would consider ridiculous.

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      I think the Leoncino OP is talking about is this one, certainly in her zone.
      and look whose review I find, doing a little more searching

      If I were just arriving I agree, I would not want to cab all over the city for a simple Roman pizza.

    2. Since you will be in Italy, can i suggest you drink a good Italian sparkling wine, made with the Champagne method (metodo classico in Italy)? You will by-pass inflated prices and maybe get to know a nice italian alternative? Franciacorta and Trentadoc are two italian appellations that mean your sparkling one will be with the metodo classico. You can one at Enoteca al Parlamento and then follow from there. Or, how bout combining the two wishes for the evening (yes it is a perfect match), although this will involve taking a bus (no taxi needed): go to pizzaria Tonda. Mot only do they have lovely fritti, great pizza, their beverage list supports even a metodo classico from SouthTyrol, Haderburg, one of my favorite sparkling wines of italy. Rest of the list is great artisinal beers, btw.

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        I haven't been there—I have nothing against it but the location. I can't imagine going to Achille for bollicine then taking a bus way out the Nomentana. Or a taxi. Isn't there any decent pizza walking distance from the Parliament? Or is that what's wrong with the Italian government—they think they need an auto blu to get a slice?

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          I was just suggesting Tonda in case ekc would like to combine the two wishes - bollicine AND pizza, together. And I do take a bus etc for pizza. None good enough in walking distance to my house, unfortunately. Close to Parliament: same. (for me. obvsly there are enough pizzerie around and not all are bad and am sure there are places others love)

      2. Thanks for the replies everyone! Jen, you are right that I picked Leoncino based on Elizabeth's rec - same with Carette. Vinoroma, I wondered if you would chime in to champion an Italian sparkling over our champagne choice! :-) Champagne is a hard habit to break for us, but we love most things Italian, so we may follow your suggestion. Part of the problem is that we REALLY know champagne (we have consumed our fair share and more) whereas we know very little about Italian sparkling, which makes choosing a good bottle a riskier proposition.

        Also, thanks for the Tonda rec. We may choose to start with a bottle of champagne, then cab to Tonda and have Italian sparkling with our pizza - best of both worlds! We find that bubbles of any kind are generally a good match with nearly every type of food. We are not against taking a cab for pizza (or any other good food, honestly), but I wanted to have some good options within walking distance in the event we weren't up to venturing very far on our first night.

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          this is a trip I am looking forward to a report on!

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            Jen, I will definitely report when I return ... but you know how timely I am about my reports! LOL.

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            It seems you are as crazy about bubbles as i am - you know, there are sparkling saturdays you should join at one point to learn more about italian bubbles ;)

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              Vino, I would love to join you on a Saturday, but unfortunately on this trip we will only be there Monday and Wednesday (daytrip to Florence on Tuesday for lunch at Sostanza). Maybe next time!

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                I know, i figured that much. Just a general suggestion :)

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                  I'll put it on the "Rome To-Do" list, which keeps getting longer after each trip! :)