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Aug 21, 2012 02:42 PM

Lincoln / Omaha .. roasted chilies?

New to the area...

I'm seeing "Hatch" chilies already in the HyVee but I'm not seeing anyone roasting them yet. Does anyone put up chili stands where you can buy by-the-bushel already roasted?

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  1. Several hy-vees in our area are roasting them. Lincoln's hyvee at 84th and holdredge roasts every other day.

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    1. re: euripidez

      great info- that's right by home.. i'll ask next time I'm in there where / when to find.


      1. re: euripidez

        WOW! I had no idea! Thank you for this info.

      2. Super Saver is roasting them too and selling by the pound