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Aug 21, 2012 02:17 PM

Just heard about Egger

I wanted to add to an earlier post, but this system is refusing to let me "reply."

So I'll start over. I've been nosing around for interesting ice cream parlors - or at least pleasant places to have reasonably-priced sundaes. I had a fun expedtion to Hinsch, and now I just heard about a place called Egger. They don't have a website, as far as I can find, and I cant even determine what their correct current address is. Does anyone know where they are, if they're near any subways, what their ice cream menu is like?

I'll thank you in advance since it's possible that I won't be able to "reply" to thank you.

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  1. As far as google maps will tell me, there are two Eggers Ice Cream Parlors, but they're both on Staten Island. So no, no subway access.

    They're addresses are:

    1194 Forest Avenue
    Staten Island, NY 10310
    (718) 981-2110

    7437 Amboy Road
    Staten Island, NY 10307
    (718) 605-9335

    Probably not very helpful for you.

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    1. re: egit

      Egger's on Forest is certainly accessible by the Forest Ave. bus, which you can pick up at the Ferry Terminal. So, accessible by public transit in the broader sense. And a free transfer!

      Their Forest Ave. location has been around longer. Egger's has always been the go-to place on Staten Island for ice cream in our family. Real whipped cream!

      It's in a mini-shopping plaza but they have tried to keep an old-time atmosphere, with wooden wainscotting and a counter with stools. They also have chocolates and some hard-to-find candy bars and such.

      Nearby the Forest Ave. location is Philips Candy, which used to be a Coney Island shop, and worth a visit. Just FYI.

      Eggers is my first choice if you're looking for a soda fountain type place on the Island.

    2. Are you kidding? How can there not be a subway? Why don't S.I. residents riot at the MTA office?

      I saw the two addresses and, based on my experience with Google, figured that one was current and one was obsolete. Will it take hours to get to from Manhattan? Is there anything else interesting around there - bakeries, bookstores, etc? (Candy store noted, Comestible.)

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      1. re: Fida

        If you are able to get to Hinsch's, you might want to think about the busses that go from Bay Ridge to SI.

        1. re: carfreeinla

          Sorry, no, there's no subway. There is one rail line that runs the length of the island. The S48 Forest bus would get you to the Forest Ave. Eggers within 20 or 30 min., and I'm sure stops within a block. If you time the ferry departure exactly, it would be about 1-1/2 hours from midtown.

          FORGET Amboy Rd., you could theoretically take the train to that vicinity, but it would take 45 minutes from the ferry, and you'd still have a heck of a walk. Unless you want to also take a walking tour of Tottenville, which is kind of cute in its own right, but a very far-flung neighborhood of NYC.

          Also near the Forest Ave. location is a well-regarded cookie bakery (Cake Chef's Cookie Jar, 1226 Forest), Bennett's Bicycles, a Polish deli, a funny Wiccan-mystical type shop, a decent Chinese restaurant, that candy store, and I can't recall what else.

          Staten Island is BIG -- bigger than Manhattan. It takes a while to get around. As for lack of a connecting subway -- well, that is why we are known as the Forgotten Borough. :-)

          Oh, and forget the bus from Bay Ridge (S79) unless you don't mind taking the time for another bus transfer.

          IMO the more interesting neighborhoods of SI are near the ferry (two historic districts, nice restaurants) but no ice-cream meccas there.