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Aug 21, 2012 02:14 PM

looking for great bread in Hampton Roads

Hey all,

The title says it all. Where do foodies go for really great bread in the virginia beach/norfolk area? Please don't tell me Panera, their bread is just awful.

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  1. Honestly, the best bread I've had in the area was served at Stove in Portsmouth. The bread here husband and I go around the market squeezing the bread trying to get a nice crusty loaf. The best loaf of bread I've purchased here was at Bella Italia in VB (also one in Norfolk, but not sure they sell bread from there). Huge loaf of hard, crusty, chewy bread that you could break a tooth on for under $2 or $3.

    1. I think Bakers Crust in Norfolk has wonderful bread, and I have not tried all of their varieties yet, but the Sugarplum Bakery sells bread at the Five Points Farmers Market, and their sandwich bread makes the best grilled cheese I have had. There will also soon be a Whole Foods in Virginia Beach, and you should be able to score some nice loaves there.

      1. Great bread would be a stretch, but I actually think the LaBrea Bakery stuff they bake and sell at Harris-Teeter is pretty solid especially as compared to Panera.