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Aug 21, 2012 12:45 PM

NeeHee's has Re-Opened; Canton/DTW


My favorite dinner stop, on the way home from the airport, has re-opened.

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  1. Outstanding! Thanks, rainsuz. I only live about 5 minutes away but hadn't checked for a while. That's really good news.

    1. YAY!!!!! That's great news!! Is the website's new address correct? It still says Ford Rd but I want to tell friends to go there... is that right?

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      1. My two visits to the old Neehee's were alright (maybe I could have selected better items). But, since I was at Ikea tonight I decided to give the new (to me) Neehee's a try. Wow, now I get it. The M4 Chole Bhature (chickpea stew with puffy fry bread) hit it out of the park, as did the D32 sandwich masala dosa (potato crepe super combo). Very complex flavors that I couldn't come anywhere close to matching at home with an Indian cookbook (not anytime soon, anyway). The Chinese Indian fusion H9 Gobi Manchurian also was nice.
        PS--this Summer they are expanding their space as well as their menu.
        A treasure.

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        1. re: VTB

          Yes!! I haven't been there since they reopened. I really need to make a trek. That chole bature combo is fabulous---makes my mouth water just thinking about it.

        2. Just looked at the online menu &saw following on back: more locations coming soon in Troy Farmington Hills Ann Arbor.

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          1. re: Michigan Mishuganer

            I commit to patronizing the Troy location once per week, every week. You have made my day.

            1. re: VTB

              While it's certainly an appealing idea, I'd take it with a vegetarian grain of salt. I, too, would *love* to have a Troy outpost of Neehee's so that I could cut the drive time there in half, but I'm pretty skeptical that it'll be happening any time soon.

              Reason being? This has been talked about/rumored for a *long* time, now. Years, I'm talking about. Obviously, Troy would be (I would think, especially in terms of population makeup) an idea spot for them to go into, but it's always been very, very, *very* vague response when I've brought it up with the folks in upper management there.

              I understand that there have been some ongoing issues which might prevent them being able to focus on opening other branches (a car crashing through their front windows, for certain), but it's been a number of years since they've moved into their new digs, and they've still not branched out.

              Methinks it might have something to do with the closure of the initial location in Farmington Hills, but I'm not entirely's just speculation on my part. Any way I look at it, though, until I see with my own eyes a "Coming Soon, Neehee's" sign on a storefront being remodeled, I'm going to continue to be skeptical. It's not for a lack of desire on my part, of's just that I can't ignore the past, what, four years?

              Here's hoping...but I'll believe it when I see it.

              1. re: boagman

                Yes, we'll see. They've got serious competition in Ann Arbor now (Hut-K, similar food to Neehee's, not so extensive a menu, and Cardamom, foods from various Indian regions, excellent!). So maybe they'll do Troy or Farmington first.

            2. Finally tried Neehee's Sunday, and i am definitely a fan.
              Had the hot and sour soup, which was definitely hot!

              And had I think Szechuan noodles (H15) from the Indian/Chinese menu - also, definitely hot. Damn!

              Also had Special Bhel (C2), which I had no idea what it was when I ordered, but wanted to try something new to me. Really great flavors.

              I took out, and ate the food 1-1.5 hrs after ordering and the food was still really good. Had one of the two "bhel"'s and half the noodles for dinner the next night, and they both held up in fridge.

              I do feel like I probably ordered a little too safe (since I am really unfamilier with Indain ffod), or American, so give me some suggestions for my next visit (which might be Friday). I probably would have ordered a little differently if I had been more patient and watched the pictures scroll on the menu.

              One thing that looked interesting, was something that looked like a large thin rectangular (maybe 12 in by 16 in ?) piece of maybe a bread ... What is this? It literally was as large or larger then the tray it was placed on.

              Saw many interesting and appetizing dishes while I was waiting. One looked like a very thick soup or stew (red based), but I don't know what it was and didn't think to ask.

              Definitely going to order the Methi Gota (again, safe, I know) when I get a chance to eat in.

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              1. re: Markcron

                There's pictures of many of their dishes on their website:



                1. re: Markcron

                  I love the chole bhature at neehee's. Next time you go, try that!

                    1. re: IndyGirl

                      I did...tried it today. *Wow*. What a great dish. Another dish where "I don't miss the meat" is completely shoutable. Looking at it from an outward perspective, I can see where someone might be a bit leery of the dish, since there looks to be a good deal of acidity within.

                      Fear not. The chickpeas in gravy do provide an excellent base to interact with the acidity of the onion, the fresh lime wedges (*bursting* with juice, by the way...terrific), and the cilantro. Couple that with the terrific bhature that comes with it (it's almost a shame to deflate the puffy one), and as a meal unto itself, it's easily in B+ territory. If you can make me excited about eating chickpeas, you *know* the flavors have got to be terrific. I *promise* I'll be getting this again in the future. By the way, I asked for and received more onion, cilantro, and lime. This was a great idea.

                      I decided to finish off my lovely meal with two scoops of their ice cream again: their fantastic fresh ginger (still wish this batch was a bit more ginger-strong) and one that I hadn't noticed before: fig. Really like them both. Their plain chocolate's nothing to sneer at, either.

                      The whole thing out the door was a shave under $11. Loved it.

                      1. re: boagman

                        Glad you loved it! The chole bhature is in A territory for me, but I'm already vegetarian and don't consider dishes without meat to be lacking anything anyway. It really is terrific, isn't it?

                        You do bring a good point though--anyone with heartburn or acid reflux issues should probably avoid this dish, between the tomatoes and the spices. But still... SO GOOD.

                    2. re: Markcron

                      You people are killing me. I'm so jealous, even though I had a *terrific* lunch at Ventimiglia's, today.

                      My job took me down to Canton today, and due to the way the job went (it took some time, unfortunately), I tried my hardest to get to Neehee's in time...and was there at 9:33PM. Three guesses as to what time they closed today, and the first two don't count. I didn't even bother to walk in, and sadly (but understandably) walked back to my car and got back in.

                      Then, I had an epiphany: while they might be closed, *dinnerwise*, maybe I could kindly persuade them to let me have some of their wonderful ice cream to go? I went back and opened the door (it wasn't locked, thankfully), asked whether they were, in fact, actually closed (yes, unfortunately), and then kindly asked if they'd take pity on an obviously-needing-some-ice-cream-after-a-long-hard-and-hot-day-of-work person, which they very nicely did. I was really jonesing for their fresh ginger flavor (which wasn't as ginger-strong as I remembered, but was still *plenty* good), but when they told me that they'd mix-and-match two flavors, I tried a couple of others, too.

                      I found out that their chocolate is darned good, too...nothing to be ashamed of, that's for sure. I ordered a scoop of each flavor in a cup (unfortunately, no sugar cones offered here), and spent the next 15 minutes or so traipsing through the local Meijer enjoying my little trying-to-make-it-to-dinner treat. After a day like today, ice cream tasted good *period*, but chocolate and ginger are a great combination, with the ginger offering an especially refreshing taste after an extremely hot day like today. For $3.70, it wasn't exactly cheap, but it was very, very welcome, and again: I love me my ginger, and this is a great application.

                      Would that I could have had it as dessert after a meal, but they were kind enough to let me satisfy my hankering. Still think very highly of Neehee's. No reason to change my mind as of yet.

                      1. re: Markcron

                        The flat breadish thing you mention is almost certainly a dosa. They're to be torn and folded with whatever ordered fillings you have and also often dipped in a soupy sambal mixture. Yum.