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30th Birthday Party (beer lover)

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Hi everyone!

I am currently searching for a venue to host my hubby's 30th birthday party. I am expecting about 35ppl and am looking for a pub preferably with a large selection of beers. Do you guys know any spots in Scarborough, The Beaches or somewhere along the subway line, if down town?


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  1. I wold go to either C'est What http://www.cestwhat.ca/ at Front and Church or Real Sports Bar and Grill across from the ACC http://www.realsports.ca/bar (make reservations). They both have great beer selections and good food with lots of space to accomodate a party.

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      I would agree with C'est What... you can make a reservation here. We have parties here from time to time and we book off a section of the restaurant. Good beer selection and descent food.

      Other then that, I would suggestion Bar Volo, but not sure if it will work with the size of people.. you could call and ask.
      Also Castro's lounge in the beaches, again though, not sure with the size, but.. good beer selection.

    2. I'll echo C'est What.

      Victory Cafe at Markham (just west of Bathurst) & Bloor has an upstairs area that can easily accomodate that amount of people. Good beer selection and I like the food.

      Bar Hop at King & Spadina has enough space at the back, excellent beer selection and I like the food.

      Smokeless Joe at College & Bathurst has an upstairs room. Good beer selection and food.

      1. the 30th birthday is a big birthday.
        while my favourite Toronto beer bar is, hands down, Bar Volo, it wouldn't be able to accomodate such a large party.

        My suggestion:

        Beer Bistro - you can get some very special bottles to treat him with. Probably the best bottle list in the city (the tap list is good, not amazing). Call and see if they can accomodate your #s. i don't think they can.

        C'est What - its big. but you're in a late-1970s-decor basement and I have never been wowwed by their tap list. Its very good for an Ontario bar, but I'm rarely excited by it.

        Sin and Redemption - not that far off the subway line. Pretty good beer list.

        BarHop - great tap list, pretty good food. Not sure if they can accomodate a big group

        Bier Market - a number of locations. Pretty good tap list, pretty good bottle list.

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          Beer bistro - even though I haven't been, I heard from my colleague that they have a smaller room at the back where they can host special events. I definitely agree that their beer selection is huge!

          Bier market - best to avoid. While they also have a good beer selection, I had a lot of problem with their reservation even for a party of 15. They gave me numerous restrictions, such as 80% of the people have to show up; we can only stay as a group before 5pm, after 5pm we have to move to the bar; everyone has to drink; etc. so I ended up moving the party elsewhere.

          Sin and redemption - I absolutely adore their selection. They are very popular on weekends, reservation may be difficult. On weekday night, I had a 20 people party there, it was very nice.

          C'est what - may be your best bet. They have big space for people to walk around and chat. Their selection is good and it focuses in ontario beer more. I have seen 50 people party there, insteadnofnsitting down, people just carried their beer and mingled.

          Victory cafe - has private space on second floor. They are more known for their patio. I've been there many times, although i don't know about the beer selection since the management change.

          Hope this helps!

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            Oh, I don't know atomeyes. I think it's worth a call to Volo. it might be able to accommodate 35 people if the celebration is in good weather and they can take advantage of both indoor and outdoor seating. Sure, that's probably the whole place, but I'm just guessing at Volo's capacity.