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Aug 21, 2012 12:09 PM

40th Birthday Dinner-FUN!!

Hey All! Looking for some suggestions for a *fun* dinner to celebrate my 40th. Done the higher end thing in previous years, this time looking for good fun, good drinks and a relaxed fun atmosphere. I'm open to pretty much any cusine except Asian. Hubby and I are big foodies and enjoy trying different things. We're looking to celebrate Friday 8/31 later in the evening. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated. Budget is not really too much of an issue either.


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  1. By drinks do you mean cocktails?

    Non-Asian restaurants with the best cocktail programs are probably:
    Empellon Cocina
    The NoMad
    The Breslin

    The NoMad has 10:30pm tables for 7/31 available right now on OpenTable.

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      Doesnt the food suck at Freeman's?