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Aug 21, 2012 12:03 PM

Bon Appitite West Village Bar/Restaurant???

There is an article by the editor of Bon Appetite about his favorite restaurant/bar in the west village. Does anyone know the name of the place? Fom the picture it looks like a fairly old establishment.

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  1. Can you provide any information about the article? When was it published? Is it online? If not, can you scan & post the picture?

    1. I haven't seen the article, but last year Adam Rapaport told an interviewer that one of his favorite places to eat in Manhattan is Gene's- an old-school, red-sauce Italian place on 11th St in the West Village. Take a look at their website, which has pictures of both the interior ( which features wall size murals of Venice) and the exterior and also says that they've been in business for decades and decades .

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        Pretty sure that's it. The article says it opened in 1923 and Gene's website says 1919, but the pictures (the article only shows the bar) look alike. The article describes the cuisine as Italian meets Continental and the website's menu has pasta and Italian dishes alongside steak and chops and French fare.

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          thanks I went there the other day I am sure Genes is the place

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            Would appreciate your impression of the dishes you tried. Thanks.