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Aug 21, 2012 11:49 AM

Lobster Deals in Broward?

With the price of Lobsters down so much this summer, what places in Broward are running the best Lobster deals currently and which are the best for the $.

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  1. There was a 2lb. lobster special last Friday at Morton's. It was $29.95 and I was only notified by email. The lobster was fantastic. The manager said they may run it again, so it would pay to get on their email list.

    1. at kelly's landing on tuesdays you can get two one-pounders for $20 or a two-pounder for $25.

      1. saw a few of the markets running specials if you want to cook your own! Doris, Josephs, somebody else?

        1. One thing to keep in mind. Many (or most?) of the current Maine lobster specials in South Florida could be for soft ("new") shell lobster.

          These are recently molted lobsters, their shell is larger than their body and the remainder is water until they grow into the new shell.

          As such, when you get one of these say 1.5 LB, you're going to crack the claws, a lot of water will run out and you'll get a small finger of meat.

          HAVING SAID THAT... many spin it that these are "sweeter" than hard shells. Many have reasons for spinning it this way.

          This has been debated ad naseum everywhere, if you want, just Google Lobster Soft Hard Shell.

          Or for starters, you can check this CH thread:

          Just sayin...

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            Speaking of Lobsters...With the Florida Spiny Lobster season now in full swing does anyone know which restaurants are serving them? A friend from Hollywood asked me the other night and was at a loss as to where she should go.

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              Just back from Maine where you can buy lobsters everywhere for $3.99 a pound (they will even steam them for you for free or maybe $1), but they are the soft-shells. If you want the hard-shells, even at the source (right off the boats at the lobster piers) it is still $12-$15/lb.