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Aug 21, 2012 11:49 AM

Let's Yo!

We recently tried "Let's Yo" that offers self serve frozen yogurt(some with no added sugar)with toppings a la carte....with a weighing area/pay for whatever it weighs train of thought. The product has passed everyone's tastebuds in my family. We enjoy the no sugar added mint, and vanilla. The other flavors are also delicious. There are 3 new establishments in the Middletown vicinity. One in the ShopRite plaza in Middletown on rte35, one in the UnionSquare plaza(RedBank)zip code, across from WholeFoods, and one in the Holmdel Commons(next to Barnes&Noble, and the Turning Point)....i think it's worth a try, also have wi-fi set up.

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  1. I'm not familiar with this particular frozen yogurt chain but I've tried others in the area (Fro Yo Cravings in Ocean, Top It in Long Branch and Frozen Peaks in Monmouth Mall). These frozen yogurt self serve "bars" seem to be the craze du jour with countless stores opening in Monmouth county. As it did with the hamburger, coal fired pizza and cupcake crazes before it, the herd should thin out shortly with the better ones surviving. Personally, while I generally enjoy making my own frozen yogurt sundaes, the pricing can get a little out of control (especially if you have big eyes).

    1. They opened one of these in Montclair.. I was disappointed it wasn't a Yo-Yo store.

      1. Self-serve flavors, ala carte toppings and one employee to ring you up, turn on the radio and clean the counters. I should have walked out immediately over this business model but instead we gave it two trys.

        We tried the location near Trader Joes (Shrewsbury) and the one in the Holmdel Commons. First time, strawberry without any fixins, second time Coffee with chocolate crumbs. The strawberry flavor was faint and the yogurt chalky. The coffee flavor was okay but the chocolate bits were too big. We paid $7.00 for each serving, crazy arse price. Got over it real fast.

        Don't care for the concept or the business model....but we tried.

        1. I believe the cost is 49cents/ounce. The container is weight is tared, so the rest is dependent on the amount you put in the cup(plus any added toppings), as a family of four we usually leave having spent $20. I can see how children and people whom may endulge can get caught up in the concept of mixing flavors, and adding plenty of toppings. If you are fond of the flavors, as we are, and become "regulars" it is not hard to be mindful of your serving size. Having said that, it's not a concept I would expect from my 12 year old be aware before you go, as most kids love to fill there cup.
          For anyone out there whom is looking for a product that is a treat without added sugar, the mint and vanilla were both delicious. Our family truly enjoys it because it is a nice stop that each of our family members can enjoy(unlike most ice cream stops). They usually have 6 to 8 flavors to offer(with 2 being no sugar added) as well as some nutritional toppings such as slivered almonds, dry peanuts...and carob chips. The added protein can't be beat!
          BEACHAHOLIC :)

          1. Actually, the yogurt store in Union Square is not a Let's Yo! but a family-owned place called Sadie's.

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              Hi MichelleM,
              Thank you for correcting that. I'm glad you were aware, I wouldn't want to put the wrong info out there. My apologies.

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                How's the frozen yogurt @ Sadie's?