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Aug 21, 2012 11:46 AM

Best low cal, low carb, high protein bar favorites????

Hello All,
I am hoping this is an ok question for this blog site. I am new to this site and live in Middletown NJ and follow an insulin resistence/metabolic syndrome way of life. I was hoping to gain some insight on people's favorite bars with the specifics mentioned...

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  1. I don't use bars, I hate the taste of protein powders. For moderate carb, I use some of the Kind nut and seed bars, and some of the Kashi Trail Mix bars. I have been eating very low carb for many years, tend to use bars only for hikes or for long car rides just in case. Most of them are really bleah. You can make a custom bar from Youbar that will be delicious, but to make it low carb/high protein, you avoid their recommended sweet base and get a crumbly bar for a LOT of money. Might be better to just carry nuts or look up homemade bar recipes. None of the high protein bars taste good to me, anyway.

    1. I haven't like the nutrition of any of the bars I've looked at.

      I'd only want something like that when traveling or away from a kitchen for a while, so I just tend to make up my own trail mix (nuts, dried fruit, maybe some dark chocolate).

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        Thank you for replying mcf and Enso. I haven"t attempted baking my own, but would like to give it a try. I usually do make a trail mix of my own, sometimes with raisins or carob. My struggle is that i am trying to have a subtle way for my 16yo daughter to eat 20gr carbs/10gr protein as a snack while in class as a needed snack for her Metabolic Syndrome condition. As of now, I utilize Glucerna Hunger Smart snack bars....really lookn for a compact way to provide that nutrition without her feeling like she has to consume seeds and nuts by the handful in school......
        Thank you for your help will keep lookn!
        BEACHAHOLIC ;)

        1. re: BEACHAHOLIC

          You're getting an awful lot of sugar and stuff with your protein there. Fat and protein are the keys to building lean body mass... which is the weight you really want to gain. If your child is already insulin resistant, you might think about reversing that ratio, too. Just based upon personal experience with diet and insulin resistance reversal.

          1. re: mcf

            Hi mcf, if I could only find a bar with that ratio search would be over :)
            It would make life a lil' simpler. I couldn't agree with you more!

            1. re: BEACHAHOLIC

              It does look as if the Quest low carb bars w/o SA may work well. You may have mentioned, the peanut/choc one is reasonably decent ingredients and very high fiber, at least, so less digestible carb, though at most, I'd only deduct half the fiber. She can also have a half for a snack, instead of a whole one. At least the protein is from a good source, whey. Also, Muscle Milk lite shakes are said to taste best, and they make a low carb version. I think EAS chocolate low carb is very good, and comes in a juicepak, not plastic with BPA.

      2. I eat plenty of protein bars, and maybe my tastebuds have just gotten used to them, but there are some that I actually enjoy. (Disclaimers: I don't eat partcularly low carb, and I don't know what is or isn't allowed on an insulin resistence / metabolic syndrome diet. All nutritional info based on the flavors are currently have in my desk drawer.)

        Pure Protein bars: the smaller ones are 180 calories, 19g protein, 19g carbs. Kind of, sort of like a candy bar.

        Luna protein bars: 170 calories, 12g protein, 21g carbs. A little less sweet, but some of the flavors taste artificial to me.

        Questbar: 170 calories, 20g protein, 24g carbs. These are more expensive and harder to find, but they also more closely resemble real food. They don't have the ubiqituous chocolate-like coating (good for carrying in warm cars, etc.) and have actual discernible pieces of dried fruit and nuts.

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        1. re: cookie monster

          HI Cookie monster thank you so much for taking the time to put all of that info together for me, it was so very nice of you. i will def look into those Questbars... I'm very curious to see about the fiber. Our endocrinologist just gave my daughter the green light to forgo the snacks betwwen meals(if she doesn't warrent it)and it those spared carbs onto her lunch and or dinner, when balanced with adequate protein. She will keep some type of bar near by in case she needs it. Thank you again for taking the time,

          1. re: BEACHAHOLIC

            i know you have a couple of Vitamin Shoppe locations nearby, and they actually stock a HUGE assortment of protein bars. you should just go into the store and ask one of the salespeople to help you find some good options...and they carry the full line of Quest bars so you can check those out. (i wish they weren't sweetened with sucralose - which gives me wicked stomach cramps - because aside from that, they're some of the least junky bars i've seen.)

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              Funny you should mention that shop, I just went there and inquired yesterday and the fellow told me about Greenbars(spirulina) so I gave a few different ones a try. The one with the least calories,low carb and high protein was a peanut butter based one; for some reason i felt an instant sugar rush(even my face got warm and diapheretic)wish I had a meter near by....will be attempting to make my own with almond flour soon.
              Thanks again for all your help

              1. re: BEACHAHOLIC

                are you sure it was a low-carb bar? most of the green bars contain 15-20 grams of sugar.

                1. re: goodhealthgourmet

                  you guys are correct the bar had 24carbs,only 2g/fiber, and 18sugars...I had thought it was from complex carbs and nevr xpected the sugar much for the 'balanced blood sugar"claims on the wrapper :(
                  The salesman was very informative, so thats what I get for assuming ;) SHAME ON ME

                  1. re: BEACHAHOLIC

                    Complex carbs can be higher glycemic than table sugar. Complexity of carbs has nothing to do with glycemic response.

                2. re: BEACHAHOLIC

                  26 grams of carbs and 18 grams of sugar in the one I looked up! Cut that by 1/2 and it's still moderate, not low, carb. My glucose meter tells me that any meal or snack over 10-12 grams carb total is not low carb. Then consider how much of that carb content is from sugars, yeesh.

                  1. re: mcf

                    Thats what I get for not doing my homework sometimes I dont have my brain....fibro takes it from me more often then i would like :(

                    1. re: BEACHAHOLIC

                      Or whatever is causing your FMS is also fogging your brain. BTDT, still am for other health reasons.

          2. When I was an athlete, between work outs I'd eat Myoplex Lite bars. I needed the protein but wanted to keep calories low as well. They used to have more flavors I think.


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            1. re: thegforceny

              The OP asked for low carb and high protein, and that bar is neither of those.

              1. re: mcf

                I thought 15g was pretty high protein for a bar of only190 calories. But I did mis-read / -register 'carbs' for 'calories'.

                1. re: thegforceny

                  It's certainly significant, if not high, protein and not a calorie bomb.

              2. re: thegforceny

                Thank you for the fyi thegforceny, I hadn't heard of those yet. I will be looking into the nutritional values. Thank you for taking the time to reply.

              3. I have been eating 2 bars as of late. The fruit and fiber bar and The Simply Bar. These are both great and hold me over until the next meal.

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                1. re: taboo

                  if you mean the AdvoCare Fruit & Fiber bars, they're much too high in sugar for the OP.

                  The Simply Bar is new to me. i just looked up the nutrition info, and it does appear to be better than most in terms of's just too bad the first ingredient is processed soy.

                  i think i need to revisit my desire to create a line of gluten-free, soy-free, low-sugar protein bars!

                  1. re: taboo

                    I ate a few Simply Bars this spring. It was nice to find a bar that was more of a snack size (under 200 calories) but still high in protein. I'll never be someone who replaces a meal with a bar, but it's nice to get some extra protein considering I'm a vegetarian who lifts a lot of weights (well, for a girl...).