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Aug 21, 2012 11:45 AM

A local eats at Cut first time

I live here and go out to the Strip when we have visiting friends and relatives. My sister wanted to try Cut.

We liked everything except the STEAK! They seem to put some really heavy handed seasoning on the meat and cook it to a crust. Bleh. If I am going to pay $60 for a New York steak, I want it as simple as possible, maybe a little salt. My sister had the Rib Eye which had the same seasoning but was so fatty it was not enjoyable, my dog turned his nose up at the doggie bag I brought home. Guess he does not like the seasoning either.

Everything else was great, the bread selection, the salads, the sauces, We had the carrots, Onion rings (I have read on here don't get them, but they were very light tempura style and we loved them). The corn was great. We all split 2 meals between the four of us, there was plenty to eat.

So, if you go and you don't want to have heavily seasoned piece of meat, tell them to leave it off.

Never did see Wolfgang.

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  1. Good to know - we haven't dined at Cut so the heads up is appreciated. Did you mention your disappointment with the seasoning and quality of the rib eye to the waitstaff?

    1. No we didn't but we should have. The NY steak was quality meat, just ruined by the seasonings. Rib eyes are always a little fatty, but this one was way too much.

      1. I guess things haven't changed at Cut. I had the same problem with my steak there four years ago. I have no problem with salt, but it was over the top...