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Aug 21, 2012 11:07 AM

Any Good "Everyday" Sushi Options in Gramercy/Flatiron/Chealsea??

We're looking for good sashami/sushi/rolls that are more like everyday types of places, not special occasion. Need not be fancy at all, just fresh. Delivery also a plus.

I tried searching, but haven't been successful.


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  1. I'd recommend Yuba but it's in the EV on 4th ave and 9th. Best sashimi in the EV (just my opinion) if you're not looking for a special occasion type of place. Prices are very reasonable and you'll only find better fish if you are looking for a much higher price point like Yasuda. They deliver but I don't know if their delivery range goes up to Gramercy.

    I've eaten at The Loop (16th and 3rd) in Gramercy a few times, they have some interesting rolls and I found the fish to be fresh, and the food quality good. But if you're willing to go a few blocks further south I really recommend Yuba (its much better), I'm going back there next week for a birthday omakase.

    1. Momoya on 21st and 7th, ( Meriken) before that. used to be good. I haven't been there since Masa's (15East) assistant from Jewel Bako was the sushi chef. He had learned to make the anago just like Masa makes it. So perhaps , even if he isn't there , he taught the new folks how to prepare the anago. Worth a try.

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        Thank you both. Yuba looks good and I looked online and it doesn't appear that they limit the delivery area so that may be an option. Momoya, which is much closer, looks like it's worth a try.