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Aug 21, 2012 10:55 AM

Mexican for a Dallas expat in SA

I'm going to be in the SA area for a few months on work, and am looking for some good authentic Mexican grub. I already have Guajillos down after reading some threads, but I know there must be a lot more in a city like SA. So, what are the best authentic Mexican joints in SA (you know, the ones where the salsa is spicy and where cheese is largely absent).

As a side question, I'm also curious where the best places in northern SA are to get a dozen tortillas for takeout. No preference on whether corn or flour, just looking for good house-made tortillas.

Thanks in advance for your thoughts.

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  1. I like Cielito Lindo a lot and Vida Mia was really good the only time I've been there. Both are at Stone Oak and Huebner.

    1. Tacos Paraiso on 1604 and Bitters is a nice, mom and pop operation serving authentic Mexican. The tacos pastor are excellent, as is the chicken soup. Also had a good experience at Palenque Grill on 1604.

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        Went to Tacos Paraiso last night. Excellent tacos, the home made corn tortillas are amazing, great salsas as well. Would be better if they split the meat between two tortillas. Fairly expensive for what it is, we had two tacos each and some beans and were still hungry. Will definitely go back.

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          Thanks for the tips. I checked out the menus for both online and I think these will work. So far have only been able to try Los Cocos on Bandera and Taqueria Datapoint, both of which I enjoyed.

      2. My favorite place in Northern SA to pick up some fresh tortillas is Culebra Meat Market in Stone Oak. They have store made flour tortillas. They don't make corn tortillas but they sell Milagro brand corn tortillas - which are my favorite.

        They also sell barbacoa, carnitas and tamales at this location. I love to pick up some carnitas, a package of El Milagro corn tortillas and some of thier crazy red hotsauce. Take it home, heat up the tortillas and you have some truly amazing tacos. They also sell whatever other accoutrements you may want (pico, many types of crema, cheese, salsas, etc).

        As far as restaurant tortillas go - a lot of people dig the Alamo Cafe tortillas that are sold to-go. If you like the real thick style flour tortillas, they are pretty good. San Antonio is like tortilla heaven, though - even Taco Cabana has pretty good tortillas.

        Another great place to go up there is Mexico To Go on Evans Rd - not far from Culebra. Very nice, traditional Mexican food. I love the tortilla soup there. Unlike any other I've had in SA - very austere with only broth, a few sprigs of epazote and, of course, tortilla strips. It's fascinatingly delicious. Incidentally, Mexico To Go will also sell you a dozen flour or corn tortillas to go. Not sure if they're house made but they are great.