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Aug 21, 2012 10:13 AM

Best to-go lunch and dinner places near the loop?

I'm working at the NW corner of Millennium Park at Michigan and Randolph. Looking to find the best (high-quality) casual lunch and dinner places near there, with option to get food to-go. For dinner, places that are open late (10pm or later) a plus. Any price, any cuisine ok. Organic/farm-to-table options a huge plus. Would like to avoid fast food places like Chipotle and Qdoba. Thanks!

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  1. You're very close to Pastoral (Lake Street between Michigan and Wabash), which is a cheese shop that also makes great sandwiches (cheese and cured meats), salads and cheese plates to go.

    Hannah's Bretzel is also fairly close. They make great sandwiches on pretzel rolls and also have soups and salads.

    1. For late night dining, Purple Pig is a walkable distance, just across the river.
      Heaven on Seven and Oasis Cafe are good for lunch.
      +1 on Pastoral

      1. >> For dinner, places that are open late (10pm or later) a plus.

        Most of the steakhouses are open late. Petterino's may be the closest.

        For deep-dish, Pizano's on Madison is close by and open till 2 a.m.

        1. Lunch outside at the Park Grill is always nice. I also like the Gage about 5 blocks south on Michigan Ave. For lunch in the Prudential Center (I think it's actually in Pru 2 (slang for the newer building) is RoM (can't do the line over the o to make it a long O and therfore pronounced Rome) for great real italian sandwiches, think mozeralla and roasted red peppers on crusty bread. Dinner, you're short (10 mins) walk to Shaws, Slurpring Turtle, Purple Pig, Joe's, etc.

          1. Atwood Cafe, corner State & Washington in Hotel Burham (historic Reliance Building) is nice. Old Berghoff is now modernized as Berghoff Cafe (Adams west of State) and is reliable.

            BTW if you want food to go, consider Mariano's quite elegant market just east of you---from Michigan and Randolph walk east on Randolph until you come to Chase Bank then duck to your left into the little plaza that is Benton Place. Mariano's has big tavola calda and salad bar, is very set up for take-out as it serves three gigantic nearby office buildings.

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              I was thinking of Atwood Cafe but according to their website they're only open till 9 during the week, 10 on weekends, so it won't meet the requested "plus" of open late. I like it, though, and it's close by.

              I've shopped at Mariano's, and honestly I do not think it is anything special at all. They have some foods conveniently packaged for carry-out for all the office workers, but really when you get down to it, it doesn't have anything you can't find at any decent supermarket. You're not going to find anything really upscale or unusual, the kinds of things Fox & Obel has. Mariano's is just another grocery store.