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Aug 21, 2012 09:51 AM

Freezing Shepherd's Pie in a Pyrex??


I made a shepherd's pie (not peppered with actual shepherd) yesterday, thinking I would bake it tonight and be ahead of the workweek curve. However, I had a lovely birthday dinner with my folks last night and they left copious amounts of food in my home. So....I'd love to put off baking the shepherd's pie for about a week? (I can make it Friday or over the weekend if it won't freeze well.)

It's in a pyrex baking dish with a plastic cover. Can I just pop this whole thing in the freezer??? I better off baking it, divying it up into portions and then freezing those??

Any suggestions would be divine!

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  1. Freeze it in your pan, then when it's frozen, take it out and wrap it and put it in the freezer. This gives you use of your pan for the time being, and you can just pop the frozen pie back into the pan when it's time to cook.

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      I'd have to agree with Terrie H. You'll probably have to dunk the Pyrex in some fairly warm water to loosen it from the pan and hopefully it will just pop out like a big ice cube, then wrap in foil and stick it back in the freezer.

    2. I do not like to freeze lamb that much unless it is cooked. I tend to prefer to cook first, then freeze. If you are making cottage pie (shepherds'' pie with beef instead of lamb -- shepherds take care of sheep, after all), then freezing uncooked is probably OK. I do prefer to cook first, generally. If you are only waiting a week to cook, though, either shepherds' pie or cottage pie will likely be OK; just don't forget and keep it longer.

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        It's actually ground turkey! And the meat itself is cooked. I brown the turkey, add gravy and veggies, pour in my dish, cover with mashed potatoes and bake to get the gravy all ooey-gooey.

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          This will freeze perfectly, either in its dish or as in Terrie H's very sensible suggestion.

      2. I don't know if it's a good idea to freeze Pyrex. Definitely don't freeze it and then put it directly in the oven before it defrosts, I'm pretty sure it will break. Corning Ware can go from freezer to oven though.

        1. I like shepherd's pie with turkey, too, but not sure I've ever seen anyone shepherding turkeys. Anway, I've not had much luck with freezing mashed potatoes--the texture seems to suffer. However, there are plenty of commerical meals w/ frozen potatoes, so someone must have figured it out.

          1. I'd be more worried about the mashed potatoes!! I always have shephards with beef/cottage with turkey or chicken in the freezer!!! Aso, venison. Just defrost, pour in a dish, top with hot mash potatoes......