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Aug 21, 2012 09:49 AM

Corn Tortillas

I was in need of corn tortillas last night and La Popular, my favorite source of masa products, was closed. I can always pick up fresh and decent quality tortillas at places like Supermercado Monterrey, but I was wondering if anyone can guide me some really exceptional corn tortillas around Dallas?

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  1. I would try any of the many El Rancho or Fiesta markets in the Dallas area.

    1. The best places to get them in my experience are restaurants that make them from scratch. I get mine at the Mexican Inn, which makes their masa fresh daily. (Don't know if they have any locations in Dallas--I think they are just in Tarrant County, possibly a little south of ... ?)

      If Fiesta has exceptional ones, I must be buying the wrong brand :) Tell me what I should be buying there ...

      In Dallas, I really like the tortillas at Mesa, but extra ones at the table aren't cheap ... not sure what they charge to go. Has their bakery opened yet? Perhaps they'll sell them there ...

      1. Taqueria La Nueva Fresh and Hot on Lombardy Ln near Bachman Lake are the best I have had outside of handmade ones. You can buy them by the kilo.

        If you have a Cuquitas near you you might try there for your late night needs.