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Aug 21, 2012 09:34 AM

Girls 13th bday celebration. Japanese or noodle bar recommendations.

Would like to take my daughter and 4 or 5 friends to Japanese restaurant or noodle bar in Manhattan. Any recommendations for a fun experience with good food. Thank you.

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  1. Ippudo takes same day reservations (in person I believe), so pop in there early in the day to make a reservation for dinner. They have nice booths that would accommodate your group, plus great food (good pork buns too!) to boot.

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    1. Consider this a second glowing vote for Ippudo!

      I've been there many times, and brought family there as well- I actually think its more fun with a group. If you don't want to wait on line I suggest getting there 15 minutes before they open. It's worth the wait. The food is excellent and consistent, I've had nothing but great meals at Ippudo every time.

      The pork buns are a favorite of mine. I also like ordering extra braised pork belly for my ramen (kakuni).

      1. robataya at the bar is fun. you sit around a grill and they serve the food on paddles.
        right next door, is a great soba place, sobaya.
        soba totto is also great.
        aburiya kinosunke is always good and they have semi-private rooms.
        i found ippudo to be way saltier than other ramen places.

        1. Reserve a booth at Gyu Kaku!!! The one in Cooper Sq vs. Midtown better for this occaision. The girls will love it. They serve noodles (Ramen) and many other things which would make for a fun party. It's Korean/Japanese food-and if you choose, you can cook at your table.

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          1. re: UES Mayor

            There's nothing Korean about it. It's Japanese.

            1. re: Peter Cuce

              Dear Peter Cuce-
              Let's see-Bibimbap, Kal bi short ribs, ko chujang which I always get on the side, lettuce wrappers for meats, sochu-NOT KOREAN???? Then again my last name is Kim-What do I know!

              1. re: UES Mayor

                Yeah, Japanese yakiniku places will offer Korean dishes as it's basically a sub-cuisine appropriated from Korea. One correction though- Gyukaku serves shochu, not sochu...although neither would be on a 13-year-olds birthday menu I would hope. There are a bunch of virgin fruit cocktails on the menu though....But I agree with the Ippudo rec as the open kitchen might be fun to check out and the interior is really interesting, not to mention that they are noodle specialists... Haha, it's actually kind of cute to think of 13-year old girls doing a birthday meal at a ramen joint.