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Aug 21, 2012 09:31 AM

Kid friendly places in Montreal

My family will be visiting Montreal in October (during the Columbus Day/Thanksgiving weekend) and we need some recs for kid friendly restaurants that are preferably within a walking distance of the Marriott Chauteau Champlain.

Also, if anyone knows of any grocery stores or convenience marts close by (for milk, cereal, etc.) that would be great!

Thank you!

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  1. The closest grocery store I can think of to your hotel (though I could be forgetting something) is called Metro Plus at Notre Dame West and De La Montagne. It is a large one, so you'd likely be able to find most things you'd need.

    That area is a bit of a dead zone for restaurants in general, let alone kid-friendly ones. My recommendations give priority to food (this is chowhound, afterall), but they are also places where it would not be unusual for kids to dine. There are plenty of restaurants in the downtown area that are accustomed to serving tourist families, but I can't in good conscience recommend most of them if food quality if also an interest of yours.
    Kazu could be good for adventurous eaters (Japanese non-sushi), but it's cramped and would require standing in line to get a table. Just up the street from your hotel you might be happy with an early dinner at Dominion Square Taverne, though this depends on the age(s) of your child(ren). It is bustling and interesting, but probably wouldn't be a great fit for infants. There is a good brunch place called Griffintown also at Notre Dame and de la Montagne (busy on saturdays and sundays) that also serves dinners. I see that TripAdvisor is now also strongly recommending it's next-door neighbour, Duo-D, though I can't actually attest the its quality or kid-friendliness.

    Your hotel its atop a metro station, so I'd really recommend getting out of the downtown and heading towards the plateau and mile end. It is simple to use and could save you a lot of bad meals. There have been a lot of recent posts about child-friendly restaurants in these neighbourhoods.

    1. You'll be right in the middle of hotels and office towers, so no real neighbourhood places to speak of. I'd say bring cereal with you. How old are your kids? Type of food desired? How far do you want to walk? If you search "kids" you'll find similar threads for across the city.
      I don't know the area well, but a quick look suggests Dunn's (on Metcalfe for smoked meat and deli foods) or the sprawling food court of Montreal Central train station. If food isn't a priority, go west towards the Bell Centre (hockey arena) to find some louder chain restaurants (Rotisserie St-Hubert, Baton Rouge, La Cage aux sports).

      1. what age are the kids ? are you open to ethnic food ?wine list (for you)

        You are not too far from "Dominon Square Tavern" (probably a bit too high end, but surely kid friendly at an early eating time).

        Not too far, on Lincoln street, there's a dumpling place: Qing Hua. (I will let others add more chinese places in the area).

        Not too far also, is the "Faubourg St-Catherine" with a shabby/crappy looking food court but with nice ethnic selection (mostly for lunch)

        Other than that, you are not really well places for walking around, safe, but not a good food area (but I've been known to forget a few places).

        You are close to the subway, take it to old-montreal (2, 3 stations east, you can also walk it), or a few more stations to "Le Plateau" (metro Laurier, Mont-Royal, Sherbrooke) and walk up/down St-Denis st., Mont-Royal st., St-Laurent st. and you will find lots of friendly places to eat.

        For grocery stores, I don'r really know the area; you will certainly find "d├ępanneur" close by, and a good selection of stores nearby at the "Gare Centrale" ; or you can walk west, st-catherine st to the PA store or the Mourelatos store.


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          I would add vinizza(decent pizza in cool space)on metcalfe, pois penche for French food in large brasserie setting(the food is hit or miss but the resto is nice) on drummond&demaissoneuve, mbgr on Drummond. My kids favorite resto is orchidee de chine- good,not great Szechuan, on peel.

        2. One place within walking distance of your hotel that my kids love is Hakata Ramen, nice Japanese noodle soups, with some lovely appetizers like long spring rolls. It's on Stanley so just a block or two away. You'll probably find a convenience store easily along Ste-Catherine or else some of the pharmacies also sell milk and cereal.

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            Thank you everyone! Our kids will be 14months and 3years old. We are all very adventurous eaters (well...except for the 14month old), so these suggestions are great! Also, thank you for letting me know that the hotel is on top of a metro stop! This will make things so much easier.

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              there is a nice garden area on top of bonaventure hilton (rooftop hotel) opposite train station which is fun to walk around with children, goldfish and ducks in the lagoon-not sure if still open in october. The train station has a pastry shop where you can pick up some continental breakfast items. There is also a chicken place in train station, although not my favourite, they will provide meals to go. There is a skating rink next to your hotel,and some fast food areas surrounding it so you can have a snack or lunch while watching the skaters. Some of these places serve relatively healthy food choices and there is also a small gourmet belge pastry shop on site.

              Commensal, entrance on mcgill college is kid friendly, vegetarian buffet but lots of choice and nice view overlooking main shopping area-you could get a couple plates for yourself (goes by weight, although other options available) and share with children..

              There is a Pharmaprix in Place Ville Marie just above train station (all linked underground) and these drugstores usually sell milk, juices, yogurt, bread, good assortment of cereal, cheese and other convenience foods.
              you can see the underground linkages (pink lines) here: